Ella the Engineer 2.0

A comic encouraging young girls interest in STEM

Graphic novel series & mentorship network fostering young girls’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills. Curious & adventurous!
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Honestly, I don't think this is helpful. Why make a comic to encourage girls in particular to get into STEM? That sort of implies that girls are different and require some sort of special encouragement. That encouragement aimed at boys is different, not suitable for girls. The more we make "special" versions of things "for girls/women", the more we create a gap, in my opinion. Kids see that things made "for boys" are different than the ones made "for girls" (no matter whether that is an actual product, a service or a comic) and they understandably come to think that there must be some inherent difference when there isn't one.
@anna_0x I would love to dive deeper into your thoughts here. If you are up to it please email me at anthony@theellaproject.com.
We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Deloitte Consulting to produce 4 new issues of the Ella the Engineer comic book on International Women's Day. The first comic book story includes Deloitte Consulting's CEO, Janet Foutty. Each issue will profile a female leader from Deloitte helping Ella to solve problems. Here is more information on the partnership ->https://www.prnewswire.com/news-...