Ella The Engineer

A comic book encouraging girls to pursue engineering

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First, we want to thank Perri Blake Gorman (@bethebutterfly) for hunting this for Ella the Engineer. Super excited to offer this comic book for FREE, no sign-ups or emails needed for the Product Hunt community - just download and share it! The purpose of the Ella project is to encourage young kids, especially girls, to pursue careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). The comic book is free (PDF), because we believe this our hero, Ella, should be available to anyone, anywhere. Ella was born to create a role model for young kids in STEAM. The comic book contains three stories where Ella solves problems for her friends and family, created by Glitch, using her computer science and coding skills. Please download and use the comic book in classes, at home, anywhere you can encourage young kids to pursue careers in STEAM. We'd love your feedback here and please reach out to me with any questions. Thanks to Razorfish, Kelly Moran, and Ray Velez for sponsoring the comic book. Super thanks to Ron Perazza - Producer & owner of Union Combine, Bobby Timony the artist, and Valerie D’Orazio our writer. Anthony @anthonyonesto Founder & Creator - Ella the Engineer
What a great cause! I was just telling a colleague that I wish that I had been encouraged as a young girl to pursue a career in STEAM. Those skills and a love of technology are no longer a "nice to have," they are required for just about any career path, for men or women. As an adult, I know that women who work in tech are superheroes, now we just need to convince the younger generation of girls that tech is cool!
Great idea and cause, and it looks awesome! Nice work.
@nickcicero thanks Nick - appreciate the feedback and support.
Sorry folks, we have a new link to the PDF of the comic book - https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0ibhb...
Fantastic, thanks for sharing. Shared with all our daughters!