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Met one of the co-founders @adamlabedzki at the last viennese Product Hunt meetup. It's a new but interesting take on a highly competitive market. Curious to see where this approach takes them :)
Back when Draw Something was popular, I swapped turns drawing doodles with my (now ex) girlfriend before we started dating. Although different, this has similarities to mobile games that are sometimes used for flirting, giving each other an excuse to interact with one another. I'll give Elimi a try and report back. :)
@rrhoover I think it's hugely important to do something that attracts people to something they are both interested in and let's conversation start from there as opposed to just giving them a platform to connect. For example, just going to networking events sounds awful to me. However, going to events where there is an interesting (to me) speaker provides value. In addition, I'm likely to meet other people interested in that speaker and it's a great way to meet people and instantly have something to talk about. Different affinities have different native activities, but I think it's essential to figure out what those are. PH is an affinity group that gives a few different types of people with certain affinities a nice value in their native activity: explore products, which is complemented by the all of the side connections it organically creates.
Appears to automate the part of Tinder that most people are bad at.
Very cool concept, "Turing Test" for love, as John Biggs wrote on TC:) And great brains-founders behind the app. Wish you exponential growth on the hype surf Adam! http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/30...
@andreasklinger - thank you for posting @ElimiApp - nice surprise :) @rrhoover test it out - every comment is more than welcomed. Longer ones can be sent to hello@ElimiApp.com, thanks! Everyone: I will happily answer all questions :)