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Free templates & premium stock photos from Envato Elements

Access thousands of free templates and royalty-free stock photos from Envato Elements - without leaving WordPress!
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Hey Hunters! 👋 Aaron here from Envato, we’re super excited to officially launch our Elements for WordPress plugin! We’ve developed this plugin to help WordPress website creators to build stunning websites faster than ever. The Envato Elements plugin gives you access to thousands of free templates for popular page builders like Elementor - without leaving WordPress. You can browse all the templates, choose the one you like and import it directly into your website 🙌 We’ve also just released our integration with Envato Elements, so now subscribers can browse 680,000+ premium, royalty-free stock photos and import them directly into WordPress 📷 We’re excited by this launch and we hope you are too! 😁 It would be great if you could give the plugin a try and let me know what you think in the comments.

Incredible plugin. Saves me so much time. I have been using it for awhile now, and it makes it super easy for idea inspiration.


Envato is the Rolex of the coding/design world


No real competitors

I think you confused Rolex with Swatch. Trusted and beloved, sure, but this is worlds away from the masterfully crafted, historically rich, and world-class precision Rolex represents. @danielku said it best.
Hey @aaronrutley + team, I have been using the plugin and Envato Elements for awhile now for all my sites. I've got Elementor Pro and I use the templates for inspiration on all of them. I love seeing all the new stuff too. You guys keep rocking it.
@alecdewitz Thanks Alec! That's awesome to hear!
"Envato is the Rolex of the design world" really? you sell unlimited templates, audio, video products worth thousands of dollars for a small monthly price, how does that compare to a Rolex, as you've lost any sense of what value means... so "Envato is the #1 All-you-can-eat Restaurant of the design world, for just $16.50" makes more sense. you have no competitors, because nobody else is de-valueing their sellers work. that's how you lose authors as fast as possible. on top of that you are marketing this cheap service on the marketplace, where people try to make their living. Elements is good for yourself, and only for yourself.
@danielku Thank you for writing this. I'm somewhat seriously into watches and that one-liner has palpable hyperbole. I'll leave it Hanlon's razor, I guess. This is a convenient and intriguing service that I won't immediately dismiss without trying, but statements like that really turn me away as a consumer.
@danielku @chris_germano Wait, did Envato itself say it was the "Rolex of the design world," or was that just a comment from a PH user? If I'm reading correctly, I think it's the latter.
@mark_denton that's true, their sense of value is incredibly low, therefore it is the opposite of a Rolex.
@mark_denton The latter, to my understanding. My feedback towards Elements was in no way negative; my comment was directed solely at the third party hyperbole. I'd like to emphasize that I find this "a convenient and intriguing service", and hold no negativity towards Elements or its creators. I was merely remarking as an uneducated observer building a first impression from the feedback of my peers.
@chris_germano Right on. I definitely agree that the Rolex comparison was an odd one.
Congratulations on the launch @aaronrutley @collis @philiphagen @dtbaker !!! The plugin looks great. Looking forward to seeing where you go next.