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#4 Product of the DayMay 09, 2018

Elementor now offers never-before-seen flexibility to visually design your entire website (header, footer, 404, search results, single & archive pages).

Build anything you can imagine without restrictions, it's easy, requires no coding and works on any theme.


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  • Charles Powers
    Charles PowersI help brands create compelling content.

    Ease of use, very flexible, lots of templates, clean code



    I've been using Elementor for a few months now and after my initial skepticism, I was floored by how easy and flexible it is! I'm now in the progress of redesigning all my personal sites and I've stopped building sites for clients with anything else.

    Charles Powers has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, thoughtfully considered, fast, no page bloat, best page builder by far



    We're using Elementor with the Astra Pro theme to build a new version of www.tillerhq.com launching in June. We tested dozens of approaches mostly looking for speed and minimum bloat. Elementor Pro + Astra Pro gave us 100% on Google Speed insights and fantastic Pingdom score. And we have easy total control of building our site (in house).

    Edward Shepard has used this product for one month.
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Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
Hello hunters, We're very excited to be back!! I’m Yoni, co-founder of Elementor. We’ve built @elemntor so we can help designers and developers create anything on WordPress without restrictions. We started out 2 years ago with a Elementor https://www.producthunt.com/post..., our free and open source page builder that allowed users to create any design faster than ever before. We’ve grown to 800,000+ users in under 18 months, and today Elementor is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress, translated to over 24 languages, with an amazing community that built a whole ecosystem of addons, themes and other solutions around Elementor. But there was still a challenge we had to overcome to complete the vision that started our journey. There were still parts of the WordPress theme that couldn’t be accessed without code. A site’s header & footer, the blog post and main blog page, search results pages and every other dynamic part of the site. This involved engineering a whole new visual process. It took us 12 months of development, and we did it. We are proud to introduce Elementor Theme Builder. The all in one design tool that allows you to design every area of your WordPress website, using a drag & drop interface on any theme, without a single line of code. In the upcoming weeks we will add additional features: WooCommerce builder, ACF & Toolset integration, copy style and other surprises. I’d really appreciate if you can take a few seconds to let me know in the comments what are your current frustrations when building and designing on WordPress. We’ll aim to tackle those next. And of course, would love to answer any of your questions so feel free to ask me anything,
Paul Solomon
Paul Solomon@paulsolomon
@elemntor @yonilux Hey Yoni! Elementor (and elementor pro) have been a complete game changer for my business. Keep up the good work! What I wanted to ask if there are any planned deeper integrations with dynamic content. For example, displaying a custom post type inside let's say the slider widget, and taking the title, content and image from different custom fields in that custom post type, thus repeating the number of slides to match the number of posts in that custom posts type. That would allow for very interesting use cases, like creating a restaurant menu that takes the items from a custom post type called "menu" with fields like "title, description, price", and feeding that into the price list widget, allowing us to easily change that front-end by adding or editing posts into the "menu" custom post type.
@elemntor @yonilux @paulsolomon Thanks for the kind words. There is actually a lot you can do with dynamic content, especially when you use the built-in integration (now in beta) with ACF and Toolset, soon to be Pods as well. With ACF and Elementor, you can bring all the custom fields you create in ACF into your site without using code. This was not possible before. We will be working on deeper integration to these tools, as well as extending the current dynamic content possibilities. Here is an example of the power of ACF. You can now create ACF content that your technical writer enters through the WordPress admin, 400 employee details for example. Now, all 400 employee pages get the design from Elementor's dynamic template. They all share the same design you created visually, just the content changes.
@elemntor @yonilux Great tool! In general I'd like to see mobile development made simpler and the resulting design made as fast as possible. In particular, image manipulation to fit both landscape and portrait. And ideally to allow for selective display area rather than having to hard cop several different versions of the same image. Also loading of correctly sized images to reduce load time.
Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
@simonv Love this feedback. Thank you so much!
Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
@paulsolomon Thank you for sharing your feedback & thoughts
Tomer Aharon
Tomer Aharon@tomer_aharon · Co-Founder of Poptin and Prospero
Wow! Elementor 2.0 is crazy. The best wp page builder and all the new improvements are amazing!
Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
@tomer_aharon Thanks a lot for your kind words
Gal Dubinski
Gal Dubinski@galdubinski · Co-Founder at Poptin
@yonilux you know what I love about Elementor? just about everything!
Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
@galdubinski Thanks a ton, keep doing amazing stuff at @poptins
Dima Kaganovich
Dima Kaganovich@dimakagan · yazamnik
Elementor literally transformed my business as an Online Marketer. I now build all my landing pages on my own Wordpress websites, without having to rely on outside tools that cost a fortune. So I save like hundreds of $$ just by not paying a "landing page service". The product has so much design options out of the box, and the team is adding more of them almost every month. They really spoil us :) Moreover, Elementor now has a cure for pretty much every pain associated with building and maintaining a Wordpress site. I can easily design templates for 404 pages, single posts, headers, footers... you name it. It used to take me weeks to build a proper responsive website. Now? I do it in a few days! I also teach businesses how to use your product so I know how many lives you guys impact. Keep doing exactly what you're doing.
Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni LuksenbergMaker@yonilux · Elementor.com
@dimakagan Thanks so much Dima, really appreciate it!
Yam Regev
Yam Regev@yam_regev · Co-Founder, CEO & CMO at Zest.is
Looks so sleek <3 What are the costs?
@yam_regev Starts at 49$ per year for single site https://elementor.com/pricing/