Elementor Library

The first free template library for a WordPress page builder

Elementor Library includes over 100 beautiful WordPress templates, some free and some Pro. All templates are fully responsive, and you can insert them with one click using the Elementor Page Builder

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Just two months after our free page builder was hunted on PH, we are already with over 8K active installs, and have been hailed as the best page builder on WordCamp Boston's showdown. Now, we are excited to release Library, a free template library that will supercharge your web design and drastically speed up your design. Library comes pre-packed with 20 free and beautiful templates our team of designers have created. It also lets you save and reuse the pages and sections you create with Elementor, and even export it to different websites. We have come a long way, and this is just the beginning. Feel free to try it.
You guys are moving fast, it's hard to keep up :) Looking great and I can't wait to give it a go.
@caparico Thanks dude for your support
Ohhhh... Now I get it .. Give the best page builder for free and a bunch of free templates in "library" and then have additional premium templates and widgets in a premium plan... You guys rock. I've adopted elementor for a college for their student sites and you've just saved me about 100 hrs if I can export a"site" and provide the initial template as a new site in multisite mode... Anyways. You've just made my project more profitable so you have earned my love (once again)
Cool stuff, you're an amazing team :)
Boom! You guys rock. I love how you are disrupting the WordPress page builders market with Elementor.