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Elementari.io is online platform where anyone can create and share interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds. All published stories automatically credit and notify the artists who have contributed to the story.

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Fun! This is a cool tool for a potential weekend project. How are you working with artists and sourcing graphics, @nikorawrs? I could imagine Elementari offering packs of graphics in different styles for different artists.
@rrhoover Right now most of our assets are uploaded by independent artists while some are CC0 (which is the case for most of the sound effects). We also have a partnership with Vecteezy for some simple vectors illustrations. Finally we have a core team of illustrators who can fill in the missing gaps and create requested assets. Some of our core illustrators include Len Smith, creator of Toon Town in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit and Richard Walsh, experienced illustrator and also has worked on educational games (Math Blaster/Reading Blaster). Of course when more stories are published, more illustrators will join. :D We also support skeletal animations, so in the future, we will be pushing towards making sets of characters that can have different costumes and can be animated. So you can create a story where you can customize your character!
I love it! In fact, this reminds me of Episode, but more-so for the web & with even better customization. I can definitely see this being marketed more towards the teenage fiction writing crowds that use platforms like Wattpad to tell stories or even teachers in K-12 curriculums (EdTech) looking to bring more interaction to their classrooms beside Kahoot. Oh, and the 'Remix' feature adds a super-sweet touch to it 👌🏽 Do you see comments being added in the future for published Elementari stories? I think it would encourage more discussion around content on the platform. Congrats on the launch @nikorawrs
@markiatheus Thanks for your comments! Yes we definitely will be having comments in the future. Right now though we are focusing on education (partnering up with k-12 and esl teachers), so one big concern with comments is how do we moderate/filter them effectively. Episode is great but it’s limited in the type of content that can be produced, namely Japanese style visual novels. We hope that Elementari can be used from super small children to create picture books with their parents to writers who want to create game-like stories. So we tried to make it as accessible as possible with visual, drag and drop PowerPoint style look.
Hi! Nicole here, co-founder of Elementari. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! We're a tiny development team of two (including me) with a really big project. I'm really excited at the interest, shares, and love people have for this project coming from the ProductHunt community. About me and the team: I graduated from MIT in Management Science but my experiences are mostly in teaching and educational research. My co-founder, David Li, works as the main developer. Finally we have advisors Len Smith, creator of Toon Town and Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, and Richard Walsh on board. Our mission is to promote arts and literacy! So with Elementari, we want people, especially kids, to enjoy reading and writing stories. I'd love to hear what you think and any feedback is appreciated! We're always developing and improving :D
Hi everyone! We've released our version 2 which includes classroom features! Any user can now create a classroom of up to 30 students for free. Teachers are in control of their classrooms and can add students (without emails) and approve of students' stories to be published to the public. We've now have over 7,000 illustrations for you to use (from space dinos to sushi). We're also excited to have the website translated into French and Spanish with Italian and Chinese on its way.