Desktop UI library based on Vue 2.0

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 28, 2017
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Gijo Varghese
Gijo Varghese@gijo_varghese · Co-founder & CTO - MFY
A small bug!! The links are not working when opening it new tab. Anyway its awesome! Will surely try it in my next vuejs project
Gijo Varghese
Gijo Varghese@gijo_varghese · Co-founder & CTO - MFY
Used it for 2 of my sites. Works like a charm. Rapid development
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
Nicely done. Especially, the 'Components' part, might come in handy.
Caleb Fidecaro
Caleb Fidecaro@caleb_fidecaro
This is incredibly nice. 👌👌
Sepehr Lajevardi
Sepehr Lajevardi@sepehrlajevardi · Full-stack Web Developer
Very well designed.
Stedman Halliday
Stedman Halliday@stedman_rh · Design Technologist + Strategist
This is interesting, might play with it on my next project. Is there an English version of the Interaction Design Documentation resource?