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Thanks for hunting us @bramk! After a few months into a closed beta, we're thrilled to officially launch "Elegantt for Trello" today. Trello is an incredible tool for managing projects from day to day. It makes it easy for your team to work together and gives them lots of flexibility. Everybody can focus on what's important and be more efficient. But when you need to check the status of all your projects, Trello just doesn't cut it. So we designed the "Elegantt for Trello" extension to allow you to see the big picture. It enhances your Trello boards with Gantt schedule charts that are automatically generated using the project info already in the boards.
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@baskelos @sylvainw Not yet. We don't even have a webserver right now ;) All the data layer is stored in the Trello cards, saved through the Trello API. We planned to duplicate the extension model on several tools : Github, Salesforce, Mailchimp. Hunters, in which tool would you like to use Elegantt?
@sylvainw It's very useful! Let me know when you will have your API ready!
@sylvainw I could definitely see some use for Elegantt in Slack. Love the way it works in Trello. Great job 👍
@markwilson12 Interesting... What kind of use do you see in Slack?
Do you have any official policy (or security model) on data privacy? What data from my Trello boards would Elegantt store on its own servers (the entire board and all cards)? And if I delete the board in Trello is it still retained in Elegantt? Thanks!
@howietl Your privacy is very important to us. Elegantt Chrome extension is client-side only. All of your data stays with Trello. We don't copy any of it to our servers without your permission. To ensure your privacy, all Elegantt data is stored in each card description and hidden dynamically. If Elegantt suits your needs, ask your team to install the extension. Otherwise, you can delete all Elegantt data with a single click.
This looks amazing - any chance this could work on other browsers (thinking Safari) down the line? Also, in terms of additional platforms, I could see Buffer pairing really well given its focus on scheduling.
@brendonto I did not understand the Buffer integration at first but that makes perfect sense. I currently use Trello as a content calendar and a Buffer integration would be awesome.
Sure @brendonto ! Safari and a Buffer integration would be so cool. Could you take 5min of your time to add your ideas there ? https://trello.com/c/bIw49Zjf/21...
Omg, didn't knew I wanted something like this. But now I know I really do. Great work @sylvainw #TrelloLife
Thanks @mkaroumi ! We built it for our own needs at first. Then, we decided to share it with the entire world :) Hope you like it!
Very cool @sylvainw! Nice way to do some quick roadmapping!
@woutervanlent You've got the idea! Elegantt is shaped for Product, Marketing, and Tech Roadmap to see the big picture in a snap. You can also highlight delays through a simple roll-over on each cards. Try it with your team and tell us your feedback :)