Bluetooth headphones for the new generation

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Like I hunted the Batband, more where that came from. Not from the same makers, I guess this is the future? And Kickstarter still doing lots and lots of pre-manafacturing-validation in the hardware world, I like that. Take it away @KonradHolubek ! What's your story? Let's not do this though haha ;)
Thank you @Milann for the introduction. So, we're the first ever wireless headphones that enable you to enjoy high quality sound and the possibility to control smartphones with subtle head movements and simple voice commands. With my co-founder Vincent and the team, our objective with the Elbee is to enable true screen-less interaction with smartphones and surrounding devices for hands-free control, taking everyday technology closer to a future of zero user interface. And regarding your video, no, rest assured, you won’t have to do large, weird movements with your head :) Julien, our resident aerospace engineer, developed precise algorithms so that you only need to make slight movements to control with the Elbee. And it won't active at all times either. You first need to perform a specific gesture to start using the Elbee: tilt your head up. We chose this movement as it is less used during the day, thus avoiding any accidental activations.
I really love the idea of gesture interaction as opposed to buttons and a big fan of the design. Couple of questions, how does it perform in the gym environment ( sweat, quick head movements). And do you see the ability to customize head movements / speech commands with other apps (scrolling with nod, etc) in the future.
@msny_36 Thank you for the support. The Elbee is sweat resistant so no problem using the headphones during workout. Concerning accidental activation, you first need to make an upward head movement to activate the Elbee. This lowers accidental activations as it is a head gesture we don't perform very often during the day. You then have 5 seconds to perform your action (skip song, play/pause, increase volume, send message...) after what the Elbee goes back into idle mode. Finally, if needed, you can always turn off the feature in the companion app. Currently, you can customize the head and voice commands with the companion app. Whether you an control things inside the app depends actually on the developer of the app. So this is definitely something interesting and potentially possible in the future.
@konradholubek @msny_36 Thanks for the clarification, been waiting for something like this since seeing similar idea on silicon valley . I'm glad someone more talented than big head is developing this!
Great idea! Are they also noise reducing/cancelling?
@madidi707 Hi Ela. Yes, there is noise cancellation. The Elbee comes with 2 microphones in each earbud. One microphone is used for your voice and the other for canceling surrounding noise. This feature is used in 3 cases: - When you speak on the phone, it cancels the surrounding sound so that the person you are talking to can hear you better. - When you listen to music, it cancels the noise so that you can hear the music better. - When you are in a crowded place, you can activate the noise cancellation in order to isolate yourself from the surrounding noise. Hope to see you soon as a backer.
@konradholubek Sounds like perfect headphones!
Nice! I tried converting to jawbone era and it was the worst device I've had in a long time
@denull Hi Dimo. As part of our 'testing process' we tried the Era and we were actually very happy with it. It has a great noise cancellation feature. However, the differences between a 'classical' bluetooth headset and the Elbee are as follows: - Elbee are stereo headphones, versus bluetooth headsets that are usually mono headsets - The Elbee offers real 100% hands-free control because you can use head movements or voice commands to control your smartphone. - The Elbee can control not only your smartphone but also more generally the apps.
@konradholubek all sounds great. The problem I had with the era was that all people complained that they could barely hear me. So the noise cancellation was not really working for me. What I was trying to say is that I've had such a bad experience with Bluetooth headsets that I would hardly buy another one 😄 hope yours rocks, I am sick of cables and buttons.