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Ben HowdleMaker@ben_howdle · Building Ekko - https://ekko.site.
Hey all, I built Ekko! You can read more about the reasons behind the service, why it took so long to build and my future plans for it: https://blog.ekko.site/meet-ekko... Ekko features: A hosted website Fully synced content from your Facebook Page A free domain (with annual plan) SSL included WHOIS privacy included A variety of themes to choose from G Suite and Google Analytics integrations SEO Domains can be purchased through Ekko’s dashboard. No more getting lost on confusing domain registrar websites. 14 day free-trial Would love to get some more feedback on the service, and if you have friends/family starting out on business ventures - point them towards Ekko ✌️ Thanks!
Kevin Leneway@kleneway · CTO / Co-Founder, Haiku Deck
@benhowdle This is really nice, and a lot of work for one person! What service are you using for managing the custom domains?
Ben HowdleMaker@ben_howdle · Building Ekko - https://ekko.site.
@kleneway Hey Kevin, we're using DNSimple to purchase and host the DNS management. You can register a new domain from within your Ekko Dashboard, with just your basic contact details (required unfortunately), or you can point your DNS to DNSimple!
Kevin Leneway@kleneway · CTO / Co-Founder, Haiku Deck
@benhowdle thanks, I will have to check that out. Congrats on the launch, using Facebook as a CMS is a really solid idea.
Jamie Barton@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
I've already told you on Twitter several times how great a job you've done with this. Although I don't have any use for it myself, I know several businesses who use Facebook and bang on about wanting a website made. This is a perfect solution and something I'll be pointing them to. Good luck with the project Ben 🤘
Ben HowdleMaker@ben_howdle · Building Ekko - https://ekko.site.
@notrab Thanks Jamie, this is very very very appreciated!
Jamie EdwardsHiring@jmedwards · Co-founder, Kayako
It's like magic!
Ben HowdleMaker@ben_howdle · Building Ekko - https://ekko.site.
@jmedwards don't worry Jamie, it's just code + webhooks!
eelco jellema@eelcojellema
Yeah, smart idea! Like to follow your journey with this. :)
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder UserCompass.com & @wecontrast
This is genius Ben. I love the premise of taking how users already act (posting on Facebook) and the outcomes they want (beautiful updated website) and being the bridge between those, hooking them up. This is super cool and I'll be sure to keep this in mind if ever anyone asks me for a website for their small business. Cool to see something priced in £ too 🇬🇧 👌
Ben HowdleMaker@ben_howdle · Building Ekko - https://ekko.site.
@fredrivett That's really great to hear, thanks Fred! I was very unsure how to display pricing currencies, no-one's really made their mind up on what the Best Way™ is, so I went with who I figured my early audience is going to be - local businesses in the UK! Obviously anyone with a Facebook Page can use Ekko...
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder UserCompass.com & @wecontrast
@benhowdle Yeah definitely tricky one. If the main initial target audience is UK then it makes total sense. Nice to see from a 🇬🇧 perspective 👍