The world's largest game of would you rather questions

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Oh cool! This was not something I expected to see on here today. Quick history lesson: Either dates back to 2009 when we made it for fun while in college. It gets rediscovered a couple times every year, which we only discover via "Servers are overloaded" notifications out of the blue. Originally we didn't expect anyone to use it outside our friends, but now about 650 million answers have been submitted. It's been a fun source of stories -- approached for its own TV show at one point, and popular with "Let's Play" videos on YouTube in recent years. It's still a labor of love, but we're now building conference room scheduling tools at Robin with the same team. Clearly this was a master plan.
@zachdunn I definitely found this cause of a YouTube video where people were playing and debating against each other haha basically those comments IRL @rrhoover πŸ‘
Ha! Such heated debates in the comments of some of these. Nice hunt, @evanczhou.
If you could integrate virality with a cool social aspect, lots of people would go crazy on this! Best of luck.
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