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App that plans your US multi-city travel in a few clicks

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Hi, A few minutes ago we added a big feature. The feature is Regions. As a result we have opened the North America region in the app. Now you can design multi-city trips not only across Europe but also across the US! How it works: 1) Select a region to travel across (Europe or North America) 2) Set dates of your trip 3) Choose the city to start your tour from 4) Press DESIGN ADVENTURE In less than a minute you will get 4 variants of your multi-city trip. You can always shuffle the tour, so that the system designs another route for you. Hope you'll like it!
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When you think the product can't get any cooler they've added Region feature! Thanks and lets the adventure begin!
Thanks, guys! Keep on!!!
Really nice, found surprising combinations :O
As someone who loves to design roadtrips all the time, the only thing I'd say is - wish there was a web app.
@cancom10 coming soon! Today we have web-app for Europe http://beta.eightydays.me