Ego Is The Enemy

Ryan Holiday's new book on humility and resilience

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Damn, I wanted to submit this...
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@ryanholiday Ego is the enemy, bro. ;)
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Excited about @RyanHoliday's new book on ego, something we all struggle with at different points in our life. It popped up in my Kindle app this morning and is looking to be another great read by Ryan.
Hello @RyanHoliday, do you think one's ego may prevent one from reading this book?
@hazzajay Probably, though if you have a strong reaction to a book you haven't read...that's probably an egotistical reaction
Hey @RyanHoliday, I bought today the Audible edition, so far I've listened to it for two hours, already found some profound insights. It might seem trivial to most, but I never realized how dangerous (and poisonous) my ego was. It's affecting everything: my work, writing, relationships and almost everything I do at a subconscious level. It was hard to detect because the story I told myself: I don't have an ego problem; it's just my character... (really convenient to fall into this trap).
Isn't this a bit like Genghis Khan writing about the evils of war?
@maxim_price What a nice comment Maxim. Thank you.