Stay focused and beat procrastination on your Mac.


Effortless is a Mac app that helps you stay focused and do one thing at a time.

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Shannon Clarke
Pavan Sethi
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  • Shannon Clarke
    Shannon ClarkeElectrical Engineer & Software Developer

    Super-simple interface and the notification alarms that your time is running out


    Cannot configure it with custom goals...yet?

    Really enjoy the implementation of this simple app. Would be useful to consider any of the following in a Pro plan:

    1 - Pomodoro

    2 - Integration with Asana/Todoist/Trello/etc

    3 - Statistics

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  • Sergio Ruiz
    Sergio RuizDesign things with @rosa7082

    Minimalist way to add your task and keeping yourself on the way.


    There's a small issue on show long task name, but it's minor for now.

    I had the honor to be one of the first tester of Efforless, and I think that it's a great product that helping me to track my working time. So, It's great to see it on Product Hunt.

    Sergio Ruiz has used this product for one month.
  • Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things.

    - Simple

    - Useful commands


    - None

    Effortless is really a perfect example of an app where simplicity is key. They've done a great job of only having the features that are absolutely necessary along with an interface that is simple yet clear.

    Pavan Sethi has used this product for one week.
  • Aaron Kazah
    Aaron KazahSoftware Developer and Anime Enthusiast.

    It's pretty good and easy to use.


    It takes focus away from active apps by hijacking shortcuts.

    It's a pretty good app, but if you were to say press in "CMD + E", rather than exporting an image in your design app, it would open Effortless instead.

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  • Nelly Kam
    Nelly KamRemote Product Designer & Digital nomad

    It really makes me finish tasks. It annoys me until I get back to my plan.


    Command F is bad hotkey - I always open search =(

    Love this!

    I want some types of alerts. If something is VERY important, I want to set 10 alarms in different periods of time and not be able to turn them off. Or turn of sound

    Also, if this app would track my browser activity and would block all websites exept these I need right now (not like chrome extentions, that block ONLY Fb or your list, but block EVERYTHING, except 1-5 links that I need).

    Maybe event post link after time? )

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  • Charles Bail
    Charles BailInteraction Designer

    • Minimalistic

    • Easy


    • Can't see how late you are

    This is a great tool!

    The only Con I have is that I set up a task to end in 45min. I looked at it 5min before timer ends. And then completely forgot about it. So it was at 00:00 but I couldn't figure for how long it was like this. Maybe juste add a "-" so it looks like it took for example 9 more minutes (-09:00)

    Thank you!

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  • Mark M. Whelan
    Mark M. WhelanOptimist. Author. Educator.

    Easy to access from the desktop


    Goals are unclear.

    Unattractive black screen.

    I am unsure if this is just technology for the sake of it, you could just use a timer on your phone, watch etc. I really wish the Product Hunt team would think about reaching beyond promoting their friends and look at international projects..a meritocracy would make product hunt a better place in my opinion.

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  • Pros: 

    1. Setting the timer can effectively reflect the accuracy of my own sense of time;

    2. The shortcut is very easy to use (Command + E, etc.).


    With delay (Command+R) or early completion (Command+S), the task list still shows the set time instead of the real time. (As @chandika said)

    A very easy-to-use app, recommended for those who are often procrastinating. It can accurately measure the difference between actual time and estimated time, and help us reduce the gap between them.

    In addition, unlike fixed-time tomato time methods, this one focuses on the completion of one thing, while tomato time focuses more on the efficient use of a fixed period of time. My personal suggestion is to use this app's feedback to develop accurate self-estimates, and then use the Pomodoro Technique.

    PS: Especially for MacBook users, the timer will automatically pause when closing the lid, and continuing when opening the lid. This feature can effectively handle temporary interruptions in the work.

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  • Aashrey Sharma
    Aashrey SharmaUX Designer

    Dead simple task management


    Unintuitive shortcuts

    Really like the concept of menubar task manager with time tracking capabilities. I've been using it for a few days now and it has helped me stay on track with work and reduce distractions. I even create timed breaks through the app between work sessions.

    The only real critique I have for the app is that the shortcuts are unintuitive. Specifically

    1. Unpause (Command + D) - this should ideally be used for the "Done" action. This can instead be Command + B (as in Break/Unbreak) or Command + S (as in Stop/Go).

    2. Done (Command + S) - this should be Command + D.

    This is a small gripe however. The app is fantastic and free. And I absolutely love it!

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  • Rushi Jash
    Rushi JashFunny, Introvert & Proud GEEK

    Very Cool and easy to use


    Only supports time in minutes

    Great example of Simplicty. Very simple and super helpful.

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  • Pros: 

    Simple interface


    just started to use it

    Looks promising, great work!

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  • Pros: 

    Exactly what I needed


    Would Have been great to integrate Notes features, cause sometimes you may have a backlog of stuff coming up as you go trough 1 task

    Good job so far

    Marie has used this product for one day.
  • Max Gozal
    Max GozalLover of cool things.

    Been looking for something like this. Simple and nice.


    - Doesn't show timer in task bar when you are working in other applications.

    - When I click the icon in launchpad, nothing happens.

    Hope next version will adress these issues/needs :)

    Max Gozal has used this product for one week.
  • Andrés Cajiao
    Andrés CajiaoDigital Transformation

    Really easy to use, easy to know what to prioritize, straightforward.


    Would love to connect with my phone and get push notifications.

    The platform is just great! Loved using it.

    Andrés Cajiao has used this product for one month.