Stay focused and beat procrastination on your Mac.

#2 Product of the WeekApril 02, 2018

Effortless is a mac app that helps you Stay focused


  • Pavan Sethibuilding things.

    - Simple

    - Useful commands


    - None

    Effortless is really a perfect example of an app where simplicity is key. They've done a great job of only having the features that are absolutely necessary along with an interface that is simple yet clear.

    Pavan Sethi has used this product for one week.
  • Shannon ClarkeElectrical Engineer & Software Developer

    Super-simple interface and the notification alarms that your time is running out


    Cannot configure it with custom goals...yet?

    Really enjoy the implementation of this simple app. Would be useful to consider any of the following in a Pro plan:

    1 - Pomodoro

    2 - Integration with Asana/Todoist/Trello/etc

    3 - Statistics

    Shannon Clarke has used this product for one day.


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aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
Hi Everyone, I'm very easily distracted a habitual phone checker and struggle with my ability to focus. So my co-founder and I decided to make a simple app that shows me all the time in the menu bar the task I'm working on and a timer. I feel that by seeing the task all the time its harder for me to get sidetracked, and the timer creates an artificial constraint that allows me to stay focused. I hope you find it useful, I really would love to know your opinion
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@aracena Interesting minimal app! Now I just need a Mac...
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@binoyxj Thank you so much, I forgot to add it, but now its up and running
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@tcodinat thank you Toni, what OS are you using?
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@aracena I use Windows :)
Enrique Benitez@bntzio · 🦄 Full-Stack Developer and Maker
Looks really nice and useful! Good job 👍 just one thing, I see a white strip on the right of my task list, UI bug? Also, I'd be really useful if you add integrations (Trello, Slack, etc...) and sell as pro feature (freemium model) 😄 Another thing, how did you build it? Electron? Swift? Thanks! 🙂
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@bntzio Enrique Thank you for the feedback. It is a bug :/ 3 other users reported it we are working on fix in it. We built it on swift
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@bntzio Hey Enrique We fixed the white strip on the right of my task list. Here is the update please let me know if this solved the problem: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
Daniel Putzer@dantheputzer · Creative Developer based in Vienna
Been struggling with procrastination more than usual lately, let’s see if this helps! Definitely looks promising.
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@dantheputzer Daniel let me know what you think!!! thank you
Julian Cardenas MazoHiring@juliankmazo · Senior Software Engineer @snappr_co
Simple and fucking awesome
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@juliankmazo :D Thank you Julian!!!!!!!!!
Jijo SunnyPro@jijosunny · Maker @ BuyMeACoffee.com💰& WhatRuns.com🕵
This is awesome! I'm manually doing this now with Things 3 + Brain.fm (for timer). Suggestion – how about displaying the total time for the tasks added (& time left)?
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@jijosunny Thank You Jiro, I would love to understand this, so like email 20 - 19:59 something like that?
Jijo SunnyPro@jijosunny · Maker @ BuyMeACoffee.com💰& WhatRuns.com🕵
@aracena Nope, I think you're doing that perfectly with the timer. I meant the total time to complete all tasks (overall timer). If I add 4 tasks of 15 mins each, and complete 1 task, it should say 45 minutes left. Just to give a sense of time. BTW loved the 'add 5 minutes' feature 😻
aracenaMaker@aracena · Learning.
@jijosunny Got it!!! Love that idea. I'm glad you liked the add 5 minutes, we try so many version of this, and we finally ended up with this version, It's awesome that you notice it and like it :D