Effortless 2.0

The fastest way to stay focused and beat procrastination

Effortless is a mac menu bar app that helps you stay focused on one thing at the time.
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So, you're asking $49.99 for a simple counter?
@shaunjanssens This is about where I'm at, too. I really struggle with procrastination; staying on-point has always been hard for me. Things like this look great because they're so simple. I want to believe that it'll work for me, so I always check it out. I don't want to say people shouldn't buy this, you should if you think it would be good for you, but after hovering over the buy button I decided to pull out Notion again and just set a few timers. Consider using a pomodoro task-keeper or an app like Due which I believe has similar features. There's also this app which is $2.99 that gives you a simple list in your menu bar, though there isn't time editing: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/.... It looks like a very elegant app, though. :)
@shaunjanssens @tweetatmax I don't believe it worth that expensive
@tweetatmax thank you so much for your feedback
@shaunjanssens thank you for your feedback, we are still learning. But to answer your question yes, and we are aware that there are more complex solutions way cheaper that us
67,26 $ in Europe (59,00 €). This might force you to actually use the app and beat procrastination since you paid so much. Part of the whole plan I guess 🙃
I like the approach to further simplify time management and the native integration. Would love to test this tool, but it seems there's no option to do so without spending 49,99$ right away.
@filterfreak thank you for your feedback we will take it in consideration
Hey there Product hunt! We've just launched Effortless 2.0. We’ve come a long way since first posting on PH one year ago. With this launch we want to become the minimalist alternative to the traditional productivity (ToDo, GTD, Pomodoro, Kanban etc.) apps. Effortless 2.0 help you focus on every single thing you need it to do so you can be effective. And nothing else. The idea is to make time estimates more meaningful and quantifiable. We have added many great new additions help you to help you stay focused and beat procrastination even faster: 1. Added 'Quick Add' feature that lets you easily add a new task and begin working on it without opening up your task list 2. Added a status bar which shows you the number of pending tasks, cumulative task time remaining and estimated time of completing all tasks 3. If the task name is too long to appear in your menu bar, Effortless now tries to abbreviate it so that it fits 4. Added notification that alerts you when the timer has finished 5. Completing a task will take you to your next task automatically so you stay in “the flow” 6. Global keyboard shortcut can now be changed/removed 7. Design improvements P.S: Thank you to everyone who helped us fix all the bugs and problems we had in the 1.0 version.
50 dollars for this? XD