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There are sooo many educational videos on the web already but categorization, discovery, and trust is lacking. This reminds me of @artia's Glean.
Video curation for teachers, lovely project.
I can't stress enough the importance of "for teachers by teachers." Value beyond 'categorization.' It's community.
Teachers have such a hard job. My mom was a middle school science teacher, and had a hard time finding videos she could actually use in the classroom. This is brilliant.
Thanks for the upvotes and comments all! @rhoover you nailed it. There is a sea of great videos but teachers just don't have time to fish for, filter and find them all. Our vision for EduCrate is to build an online "library" of curated collections of videos (including Kahn and many more @NikkiElizDemere ! :) so teachers can more time teaching and less time searching. To do so we just launched an Indiegogo campaign to pay teachers to curate "crates" around the Common Core and would welcome your support! thanks all!