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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2018

Educative is a marketplace of interactive courses for developers by developers.

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Are you guys going to give some credit to original authors of the courses? I have not checked all of them, but you're featuring as your own
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@pvl4sov Hi Pavel, Sorry for the late reply. We followed the licensing conditions of the original content and attributed to James Kyle and notified him about as well. He even tweeted about it.
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@fahimulhaq all good. Sorry for the false alarm. Good luck with your journey!
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Won't use a platform that blatantly steals work from other people. Not only highly immoral but also illegal.
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How is this different from other leading education platforms like Udacity and Coursera?
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@aditianhacker Instead of video course, we provide interactive courses where developers learn by doing with pre-configured cloud based developer environments. Video courses forces developers to follow a fragmented learning path where they have to frequently switch between the video and their developer environment. With Educative, first of all, developers don't have to spend time on the frustrating process of installing and setting up their machine. Secondly, we provide a streamlined learning curriculum where developers learn a new concept, run live coding playgrounds and then solve coding challenges to apply their knowledge - all in the browser.
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Thanks Ram for hunting educative.
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@fahimulhaq the pleasure is all mine :)
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