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A contender for the most lightweight product on producthunt - it's just 1 loc that you drag into your favourites. But it's super-powerful with some interesting use cases. - Creating design mockups + comments - Copywriting tests - Pretending you have a million up votes on ph ;) - And of course trolling and slandering
@marceglon SHRTURL is one of my favorite trolling apps. 😁
@rrhoover Ha. I knew I'd seen something like that somewhere.
@rrhoover shrturl was made by TNW's Alex Griffioen. (Not sure if you knew)
I also find it useful to be able to turn the feature off again ;) javascript:(function()%7Bif(document.body.contentEditable!%3D'true')%7Bdocument.body.contentEditable%3D'true'%3Bdocument.designMode%3D'on'%3B%7Delse%7Bdocument.body.contentEditable%3D'false'%3Bdocument.designMode%3D'off'%3B%7D%7D)()
great! saves me the trouble of opening the inspector and edit the source for mockups. thanx!
haha nice trick. Lets add some zeros to that bankroll!
That's a simple well known command of JS to edit instead of inspecting elemnt and editing int using F12,people do not know it especially, but where is the prodcut ? i mean your adding work/value ? any way thanks for sharing it with the community oh PHers :-)