Edison Mail

Your email with an assistant built in

Welcome to unparalleled speed, no ads, reduced spam, all email accounts in one inbox, bulk delete, a support ninja that responds quickly, and notification settings that you can configure the way you want. Although with us, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Andrew Mutavdzija
Hey, I've been using this during its beta alongside my "usual" email app, and I will say, it's "Easily" a keeper! Very fast all around. I really like the sidebar categories of Subscriptions, Travel, Packages, Bills & Receipts, and Entertainment... think sort of like Google Now cards. While I haven't done any traveling or bought any tickets (entertainment) (yes, that's my life right now) to test the categorization in those areas, it's got my bills & receipts down, it did really well in tracking the one package I've received, and I'm still wading through what it thinks are my subscriptions... at this point, I'd say it's got everything + some things that are just people who email me frequently, but that's a minor quibble for me. Hope y'all give it a try!
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Vladislav ProskurinOncall - Executive Officer
Maybe you can share it with Russian users? I will be appreciated!
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Don VCMarket Analyst
Loving this so far. This has replaced Outlook and Spark for me - simple and similar enough to regular mail, with all of the features that I need.
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Any plans on bringing this to mac?
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Using it from Yesterday, It's really Awesome! Many useful and unique built-in features to help you to organize your life (package tracking, receipt organize, Bills & Receipts & much more...) WITHOUT sacrificing Speed & Reliability. There are so many fancy look email apps with many extras in AppStore, BUT mostly with flows & unreliable. Some can't even sync properly! It's not the case here! Everything has done right with so many attention to the details and minimum issue — Extremely Happy so far! :)
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