A new medium to transcend tweeting, blogging and pinning

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edgee is a new medium for curious people like you. Write down your thoughts and add any media you find online. Then connect the dots, by arranging, emphasising and annotating. This is a playground where you can explore and share your passions with others. A place where you can tell new stories and broaden your understanding or simply play around and be creative. On edgee, big picture thinking finally found a home.
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Not sure if it's ok to spam me with an email to notify that you're on Product Hunt. I didn't give you my email. Don't. Just don't.
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@alexmuench Yeah, my BizDev team is full of hustlers and we found your email via Twitter. Thought you would like edgee as a German designer by trait (we are Berlin based ;)). Sorry about the inconvenience http://www.everydayim.com
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@alexmuench I actually admire the hustle and wouldn't call a personal email spam. Sure he found your email, he found mine as well but took the time to research what I like and asked me nicely to check out Edgee.
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@alexmuench @mzuvella So, this approach suggests that "SPAM" is only a question of time spent mining recipients emails. LOL
Cool product! Just created my first "edgee". https://www.edgee.com/user/aston...
@ftubiermont Cool, from Circus to a startup? Love that story :)
Immediately skeptical of anything claiming to transcend tweeting, blogging and pinning. Homepage doesn't explain what this is at all, and the adsy example linked here results in a gated forced signup box. Seems like a bookmarking tool / linkfarm... neither of which the world needs more of. What am I missing?
@dshan Hey Derek, thanks for your feedback, we will improve our messaging to make it more clear. We were hoping our video would be sufficient ;) In an edgee, you can embed any media you like and connect it with your thoughts. We want people to make content their own by emphasising, arranging and annotating. In this way we are sticking well clear of being a linkfarm. Hopefully when you explore some of the edgees you will see that. Check out: https://www.edgee.com/user/gkoni... (in case you ever fancy coming over to our side of the ocean)
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@dshan @culturalme I think it's not only a way to collect links. Edgee seems like a immersive curated content experience...
I love your intro video, it's clear you've put a lot of time & effort into that. I guess for me the thing I'm most worried about is how this will grow and catch on, and how it's different to Medium? I think I know the answer to the second question, it's Medium and more (I can share small thoughts as well as blog posts) but this worries me a bit. I was listening to y-combinator the other day and they said nearly all their startups started with a small niche product and then spread from there. I think that worries me about this, is that I don't know who will use it. Medium came about and there were people who wanted to blog and didn't want to use Wordpress, it met a real need. This seems to be cool for sure, but I don't know who will rush to use it. It seems a bit like Medium++ to me. On the design front, overall it's great but I'm not a fan of the logged in navbar. It seems like it wasn't given much thought to me. The gray is too dark in my opinion, I don't like the dark gray search input either, I'm not sure why 'logout' & 'settings' are always on display, it would make more sense as a dropdown with an arrow next to my profile picture, invite friends takes up too much attention for me, I would have the icon then slide out to reveal the text on hover, and I don't know why the notification icon has it's own section, just seems emphasis for no reason. Also I signed up twitter and then with an email that has a gravatar, my image from both twitter & gravatar should have been pulled in, it would make me as the user feel at home a lot quicker and save me having to do it myself. Overall it looks great, and I'd love to be proved wrong, but I just wonder if this has what it takes to really catch on. Seems like a nicety not a pain killer. All the best with it though, for sure!
@fredrivett Hey Fred, thanks for the thorough feedback. Observations like these are helping us a lot. We love Medium and it could clearly attract a lot of great writers in a crowded market. If I want to write an essay or article, I go to Medium :) However, edgee allows people to express themselves through their content and other media available on the internet. It is less like an article and more like a mixtape of awesome content you prepare for others to see from your perspective. We’re also hoping to lower the barrier of entry -- so you don’t need to be a great writer to produce a kickass edgee and I think many people do not feel comfortable enough to write an entire article, let alone a blog. As for the design suggestions, keep them coming! We are prototyping every day and would love to try that out.
@fredrivett @culturalme So how do you think Edgee will differentiate from curated content competitors as Learnist and Bundlin ?