Eddy Cloud Music

Personal music streaming service for the major Cloud drives

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Eddy is the first personal streaming service which puts all Cloud Drives into one Music Library. It supports all major Cloud Drives like SoundCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, box, OneDrive, Yandex Disk and Web DAV servers. Advanced streaming technology, Download Manager and Cloud Manager make Eddy one of the most outstanding service for personal streaming.
@denzhadanov I'm curious, with services like Spotify and SoundCloud, etc., how does the service offset the downloading function with the legalities at play (licensing, royalties, etc.)? Is it only for music for which you have a paid subscription for?
@adammarx13 hello! This service is only for music you already have. It doesn't matter how you get it, we just cant check. So if you have some tracks on computer or cloud drives, you can stream it with Eddy or download for offline playback. Also audiobooks are supported, so you can use such helpful features like audio bookmarks and playback speed. Finally we hope that we've made better soundcloud experience than in original app. Original SoundCloud is beautiful, but has too many features that isn't used by most of us
Hi everybody! I'm creator of Eddy Cloud Music. He is a nice guy and I'm sure you'll like him. But also Eddy is a powerful music streaming app which allows you put multiple cloud drives into one. I will be happy to answers on all your questions
Great, I've been waiting for something like this that works completely on the cloud. Works great so far.
@bolivar thank you! We've been creating Eddy with passion and really happy that it works great for someone else. We're working for such inspiring feedback like yours :)
This is a curious product. I primarily use Rdio and SoundCloud and don't sync my MP3 collection... Seems like this is for folks who have put their file collections in several cloud providers, right? Why would someone do that?
@chrismessina You can use several cloud accounts if you need more space as well as one account for the whole library. Many people have their own library, they have been collecting in for a long time and now want to keep it live. Also Eddy allows manage tracks bought on iTunes. You can't download tracks directly from iPhone without syncing with itunes, but Eddy allows you even share them via connected cloud services. "And one more thing"(c) Eddy supports audiobooks with bookmarks and speed, so many people find it pretty helpful. Spotify and Rdio is still awesome, without any doubts.
@plokhoj got it, cool. Thanks!
I've been using the Pro version for a while, it's a great audio player and THE BEST audiobook player in the AppStore (and I've tried most of them). You should try it! ;D
@xavieryelmo thank you fro kind feedback. We are going to add even more support for audiobooks. If you have any suggestions we will be happy to add them to the soonest update.