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#5 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2017
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Hi PH! Thanks for hunting @_jacksmith. After the wild success of on Producthunt, I’m happy to be back again with Ecommercefolio is a gallery featuring the best ecommerce designs. The site makes it easy to find your inspiration by filtering based on Platform and Industry. Please feel free to contribute in the comments. Every comment helps me to improve the platform.
@dannypostmaa Great job Danny ! Can you add a Prestashop category ?
@schoolhead Know any good designs I can feature under this category? 😌
@dannypostmaa Very nice and well selected Danny.
@dannypostmaa @_jacksmith What about adding PrestaShop :-) We're powering 265,000 stores worldwide and we're Open-source!
Finally! Have waited for something like this! Would be great if I could be able to see what themes they use (on Shopify for example). Thank you for creating this 👍
@mkaroumi Hi Marcus, happy you like it! I tried to implement your idea when you told me, but I was only able to backtrace 10-20% of the themes.. Most sites make it pretty hard to find it. It's definitely going to be a feature I will revisit though.
@dannypostmaa totally understand. I guess many of them use customized themes as well. How do you decide if a page is good enough to end up on this collection? Is it just based on the look or how do you evaluate?
@mkaroumi There are 2 big factors: 1. User friendly and general conversion rules The inspiration I provide should be a good example. If a design is not user friendly, or misses a lot of common e-commerce rules, I won't upload it. I want my visitors to get inspiration that really resembles a good design. It's not only about the design, but a lot about how the webshop works too. 2. Creativity and personal taste A lot of webshops look the same. I only want to feature webshops on Ecommercefolio that look creative, have their own personal style and look good. Regarding personal taste, I've been designing websites and webshops since I was 15. During these years I used A LOT of website the feature inspiration and I think I developed a taste for what does look good and doesn't. The reason I started Ecommercefolio and Landingfolio is because I love finding website that just look good. I can literally spend a whole day looking at design. Uploading them and sharing them with the world just makes my hobby a little bit more fun ;).
@dannypostmaa Sounds awesome. That's probably why it's such great content 😁 Keep up the great work and good luck, Danny!
Nice work @dannypostmaa Reminds me of which I have really enjoyed. I've been working on something similar but digging down into how the founders actually started and built their ecomm stores with
@josh_bitossi Awesome project man! Feels like the of ecommerce 😌
Really useful tool! Thanks for sharing with PH. I love it!
@oscarpacaa Happy you like it, Oscar!
this is a great idea. it shows you all the best designed ecommerce stores and you can filter them by what ecommerce platform they use. e.g. if I'm building a shopify store, I can filter all the best designed spotify sites. I just spent hours on hear checking out all the cool stores :)
@_jacksmith Thank you so much for submitting, Jack! ✌🏻