eCommerce Trends Report 2018

We examined most popular eCommerce investments in 2017

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What's Inside?

eCommerce Trends in 2017 and 2018

What are the most important trends, game changers and quick wins.

Changes in investment goals

We asked managers about their eCommerce investments last year and about investment plans for this year.

Examples and Benchmarks

A bunch of cases from other companies to inspire you for the coming year.

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Tomek Karwatka
Tomek KarwatkaMaker@tomik99 · CEO,
Hi All! In 2018 you should build eCommerce related start-up! Why? Every year we spend a week at Divante, figuring out what eCommerce Managers will do in the upcoming year. In 2018 eCommerce Managers will invest in Business Intelligence, Marketplaces and Content Marketing. For each of these trends is very, very easy to imagine how to add AI component. At the beginning, this component could be just a small differentiator but it probably will allow startups to get their first traction. This is a huge opportunity for many startups. Selling to Retailers is often much easier than selling to any other industry. You can quite easily show them the money they will earn with you. Cheers