Find eco-friendly alternatives to products you use everyday

EcoAlternatives is a website that helps you find eco-friendly alternatives to normal products we use everyday.

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Hello PH! This is a small website we built over a weekend to help people easily find eco-firendly alternatives to everyday products in one place. We believe going zero waste should be easy 😃 We are also planning on opening it up and allow users to add products and alternatives soon! Follow us on Twitter to know when it happens!
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@moboudra love the idea behind this and why you've built it. Would love to see even more alternatives and categories added.
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@moboudra @emilyjsnowdon glad you like it! I've updated the title to 'Ice Trays' - makes more sense now. Thanks!
@moboudra @zahra_deen Ah gotcha I was worrying about my ice eating habits - but ice trays makes total sense. I need to check my freezer.
Good to see a database for eco alternatives that's not filled with ads and referral items. Thanks !
Hi I would love to contribute to this site. Is there a good way to contact you?