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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Arthur Maitre, co-leading the ECLIPSE Project on Kickstarter with our Head of Design, Fabien Nauroy. After designing and developing a line of charging cables at Native Union, we decided to start working on a solution to tame the messy charging cables we all have in our homes and workspaces. We're so excited to share this with you - please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!
@arthurmaitrenu Hi Arthur! This is such a great idea. Is it the most complex product that Native Union has designed up to this point? Also, what's the story behind why Native Union wanted to produce such a product?
@nzieber Thanks for the kind words! I wouldn't say it's the most complex product we've made before from a product development and engineering standpoint. Native Union makes products featuring genuine marble (an iPhone Dock, an Apple Watch Dock, and even an iPhone case) which are extremely complex from a production and quality control perspective. ECLIPSE has some complexity in terms of the capacitive touch sensor and internal motor, but not anything we can't handle ;) The story of ECLIPSE is pretty ironic actually. After the success of our first Kickstarter campaign, the JUMP Cable, we launched a full line of charging cables but quickly realized that no matter how great our charging cables were, there was still the everyday problems of "cable spaghetti", slow charging, and fumbling for your cables in the dark. Native Union is all about solving these types of frustrations in a simple way, so the initial ECLIPSE concept was born. It was basically a silicone salad bowl with a hard plastic top with no cable channels - we've gone a long way since then!
Looks fantastic! Although I'd love to be able to pull the cable and see it automatically extended instead of manually unrolling it. Other than that - seems perfect!
@piotrkulpinski Thanks! We did have quite a few discussions in the initial design phases about adding a spring-loaded rolling/unrolling mechanism, but those components are unreliable and often break, leaving you with a useless product. We want people to be able to use ECLIPSE for as long as possible!
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@piotrkulpinski No problem! Always happy to share our design thinking
Shut Up And Take My Money!
Been eagerly waiting for this to hit Kickstarter & as soon as it did, BANG, I pledged. Also it was fully funded within 2 and half hours? That's impressive but shows it's a must have product!
@gadgick Thanks so much for backing us! We honestly could never have imagined this kind of support this early in the campaign. Looks like cable frustrations are alive and well... we hope to make them a thing of the past :)
@arthurmaitrenu Absolutely, one of the pain points of owning gadgets! I was a backer on your first KS campaign & still use the JUMP cable - I'm really looking forward to Eclipse!
@gadgick So great to have another JUMP Cable backer on board! We're pumped to have you on board for our second Kickstarter journey. Thanks a million for believing in us.
I like it, great job
@rotemthegolfer Thanks so much! Loving the support from the ProductHunt community. You guys are the best!