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Hey @ecir_pro, Do you have any reservations about creating insincerity?
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@jacqvon sorry, your question is not clear, our service is aimed at the primary promotion of accounts in social networks, for further customized targeted advertising without losing budget and optimizing advertising. The more you have subscribers and activity on your accounts at the time ads are launched, the more conversions you have
The quick way to get your account closed or shadowed.
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@delwilliams social networks do not block an account because of buying likes and subscribers, it's a myth
@delwilliams @ecir_pro um is Twitter no longer a social network? From their TOS: Twitter strictly prohibits the purchasing and selling of account interactions on our platform. When you purchase followers, Retweets and likes, you are often purchasing bot (fake) or hacked accounts. Any account caught participating in this behavior will be in violation of the Twitter Rules and may be suspended. If your account is found to have purchased followers, Retweets and likes, your account may be suspended. If your account is promoting the selling of followers, Retweets and likes, your account may be suspended. If your account is set up with the sole purpose of selling followers, Retweets and likes, your account may be suspended.
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@delwilliams @ecir_pro depending on how you go about it, Instagram could come after you too..
@delwilliams @kclewis0614 By your logic all will be banned at all and for any followers / likes buying. But this is not so, you will be only banned if you will buy hundreds of thousands of bots of terrible quality at once per account, then the possibility of blocking is much greater. And if you will buy quality bots, offers and good subscribers and likes, then no one will block you. According to your logic, they are banned for any followers / like buyying, right? That is, if I, for example, order in any service a batch of bots for an account, for example, Justin Bieber account IG, it will be blocked and deleted for followers buyin? In your opinion, any person can order a followers buying on any other account and then it will blocked?? No - this is not working likes that, if it was so - they would ban everyone all the time, but this is not like this.
@delwilliams @kclewis0614 We are not affiliated with social networks and have nothing to do with them, our service does not work with social networks and does not use their API or authorization process in any social network accounts, we do not collect login and passwords from user accounts and do not store order history and do not pass data to the third party apps.
This platform deals with the very popular for those who want to become much more popular than they are. The part of mi a platform looks great with a design with a high popularity on the lick her siblings similar, I think that such sites have a great importance for us.
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@daniel_sugailo thanks for your feedback!
Excellent service, inexpensive ways to promote accounts in social networks. Views, subscribers. Everything is done quite fast, it's easy and convenient to use. I recommend this service!
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@mariessika thanks for your feedback!

ECIR is a service created to promote your business in social networks faster. It is very simple, convenient to use. With it, I have increased the attendance on the pages. This allowed to attract more partners. In addition, this server has quite reasonable and affordable prices in comparison with other similar servers. I will recommend ECIR to all my friends.


It is very simple, convenient to use.


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thanks for your review!