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#4 Product of the DayMay 28, 2016
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Hmm... This is what I got: "Alexa, order me some green beans", Alexa: "Alexa is for prime members only so I've added sleeping pills to your basket". What the actual F?
Based on a project started out by @sammachin at a hackathon: There's no always listening mode. You have to click and hold the microphone button. All services are not supported.
The only thing missing is a link to a GitHub repo...
The landing page doesn't say much. What does this do?
@rrhoover it's a community built tool for developers that simulates an Amazon Echo. It gives you the ability to interact with Alexa capabilities/skills without the need of the hardware device itself. I think, it's a good way to attract non-users. Many home automation devices are still unapproachable by a lot of people. This project makes it possible to try out the features before you plan to buy one. It would be interesting when Google Home comes out with something like this.
@raaveyadav got it! I completely missed that. This could be turned into a compelling acquisition strategy if made more accessible and marketed the right way.
@raaveyadav @rrhoover This comment should be on the top so a first-time visitor to this page immediately knows what the products is about. Maybe something ProductHunt should improve in their algorithm?!
@guidoj @rrhoover I've seen comments bubble up based on the number of upvotes on a comment. But ya I agree, there should be an option where the person who hunted a product can pin a comment to the top.
@raaveyadav @guidoj working on changes to this page already to improve on this. :)
I asked it the time. It got it wrong. Precisely like the real thing does. #outsidetheusa. It's 2016 Amazon, there is a world beyond domestic shores.