Echo Show is a new take of a smart speaker, it gives you everything that Alexa had to offer but now with a big benefit - it comes with a display! Now Alexa can show you things. You can make video calls, read, watch videos and so many more things that upgrade your quality of life!

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Just two weeks ago Amazon launched the Echo Look. We all know a screen-based Echo would come. Next up: Echo Hologram? 🤔 But more seriously: the screen will help fix Amazon's broken discovery problem. It's incredibly difficult to find and remember Alexa Skills today. P.S. Follow the Alexa Skills topic if you're into that. 😊
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@rrhoover Agree with you about skills discovery but I don't see how this is a better solution than the Alexa app already on your phone. Even with a Show in every room, you'll still need to walk and contort a bit to read the screen.
@paul_shustak how often do you use the Alexa app on your mobile phone? The whole point of the Echo is to decrease friction. It's easier to glance at the Echo Show than pull out your phone and open an app (when you're within its vicinity, of course).
@paul_shustak @rrhoover That's the first thing that popped in my head. The screen adds some much-needed context to Alexa, but IRL, I can't process yet how much of a hurdle a 7" screen is going to create. Part of the whole point of home voice assistants is the ability to roam freely while interacting with it. With a 7" screen, I'd imagine that you'd most likely have to be within a few feet to have it make sense. So turn that on it's head... if the original Echo released with a hard requirement that you be within 3 feet for it to be activated and useful, is it as compelling? By proxy, that also forces you to think about where you put it now, whereas an echo you could pretty much throw it anywhere within a room. Realsitically, most of us will walk by 2-5 screens before we even reach the Show. Of all the uses cases on the Show Amazon product page, the only 2 that I can think is perfectly suited for the show is "show the front door camera" and "show my photos". The first because of the immediate nature of the visual request, and the second because of it's persitent nature. I'm not bought in to the video calls, because I used to have skype video phones for me and my family, and it was a huge inconvenience to have this black box permanently fixed to an area thats comfortable to always make and receive video calls. Phones/tablets work much better. It's something you don't realize until you get it home and realize that you don't want a black box sitting in the middle of *insert any table in your home*. A less business-driven, but sensical approach might have been to take an "echo dot" approach to video, where it syncs with an existing tablet (i.e. Fire HD), for all your display needs, and the echo itself handles audio commands/output. A really far-out there approach might been to develop some really cool pico-laser projection tech (has been out for years), that has enough lumen penetration to project onto vertical surfaces. Laser is great because it's never out of focus regardless of angle or distance.
@rrhoover What I don't get beyond the Alexa app is that if you need something with a screen, why not just use your phone? To me, this feels like a $230 iPhone stand.
I'm down with this. I want one. Wish it was prettier though Read about it on TechCrunch here
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@bentossell Indeed. The concept is awesome but the box is very ugly in my opinion. Looks like something from the 80s
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@bentossell I think the design looks good, but it doesn't have the production quality you'd expect from a large company like Amazon. It looks like someone homebrewed their own design with a 3D printer and Raspberry Pi.
@bentossell I wish it were prettier too. I'm hoping that it brings the cost down and helps adoption. Many of us don't have landlines anymore, but it could be cool to see this replace home phones for those that do. Phone providers still charge +$20/month for landlines, and it seems like the service hasn't evolved since it was invented. #twocents
@bentossell Wish the ratios were more balanced. Something about it just doesn't look right.
@vinhhh @bentossell I agree, but I also tend to think it might look better in real life. Also the white looks drastically better than the black for some reason.
Amazon just reinvent the kitchen TV
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@denull This is what I want to use when I make coffee in the morning or do dishes at night.
@thorpus Design wise it reminds me of this
looks like a copycat of ily!
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@ourielohayon I totally disagree. The main difference between Echo Show vs Ily and Nucleus is the way you interact with them. Nucleus and Ily rely primarily on touch while Echo Look relies mainly on voice; your screenshot helps corroborate this. I also doubt that either Ily's or Nucleus's mic is as good as Echo Look's
@kay0stheory there is nothing to disagree with. they serve exactly the same purpose with a very similar look and feel.
@ourielohayon it's easy to see the major difference if you compare Echo Look's video with Ily's. It may look ugly but it's not a "copycat". The feel and experience is completely different.
if only it was a bit prettier