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Daniel MathewsMaker@dmathewwws · Founder @podysseyapp. Developer.
Hey PH, I'm Danny, I'm the founder of Echo. I built Echo because I wanted a better sense of what podcasts my friends were listening to, what recommendations they had, and a convenient place to chat about these podcasts. I find listening to podcasts to be a very solo endeavour. It’s me, my headphones and the awesome world the podcast host has created. I'm trying to add my friends to that group as well. Echo is me, my Facebook friends and some beta users. I've been building (developed the iOS, Android versions) over the last 9 months and been iterating over user's feedback and believe it's time to invite others into the community. A couple of the cool features: - You can easily import your podcasts from Apple Podcasts or an OPML file to build your podcast profile. - You can see a list of podcasts every friend in the app is listening to. (This is one of the most popular screens) - You can "echo" out a podcast (and add some text for context) to tell your friends which episode from a podcast is great and they should check out. - You can search by podcast or by episode. I've found the episodic search quite fun because you can search for ex) Malcolm Gladwell and get every podcast interview he has done. - There is a similar podcast button on the podcast screen that finds you similar podcasts to the podcast you are currently viewing. Edit: Hey peeps, just an FYI, we hit iTunes Search API limit today. working on a fix, but the search screen doesn't work as planned atm. Should be working shortly.
Derek Homann@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
I really like the ability to see podcasts that your friends recommend. Are there any plans to add the ability to listen to podcasts within the app? If I could listen AND see the feed, that would be killer.
Daniel MathewsMaker@dmathewwws · Founder @podysseyapp. Developer.
@dhomann I prioritized building the community side first because my vision was that no matter what podcast player you use, it would be good to have a place to talk and share the best episodes with your friends. I'm curious are you an iOS or Android user? I say that because on iOS it will deep link into the Apple podcast app so its pretty easy to play a podcast you find (It's not easy to do that on Android as there is no default podcast player) But curious to know if you want to find a replacement for a podcast player or want a easier way to play an episode you find on Echo.
Justin Miramontes@iamjustinm · Marketing, Pura Vida
@dhomann @dmathewwws I would want a replacement podcast player because if I wanted to recommend an episode or comment on one for a friend I'd want to do it as I'm listening or right when it s done. (so I won't have to remember to jump to another app.)
Derek Homann@dhomann · Co-founder of Median
@dmathewwws I'm an Android user. Also, I want to be able to both play AND recommend directly from the app. I am less likely to go to the app if I then have to leave to go listen to the episode. If you can get the ability to play podcasts within the app though (easier said than done I am sure), then this would be amazing.
Vincent Monet@vincent_monet
Hi Daniel! Thanks a lot for your app. Love your "community centric" approach for podcast lovers! I loved listening podcasts and discovering new ones from very famous podcasters to small and specialized. Do you plan to build a functionality to make the support from listeners to the maker as easy as possible? I think it is still a big issue today and your app my deal with it.
Daniel MathewsMaker@dmathewwws · Founder @podysseyapp. Developer.
@vincent_monet Thanks for the kind words. Do mean monetary support? I would love to help podcast host earn more so that they continue making great content.
Sarah Chambers@sarahleeyoga · kayako, customer support evangelist
Love the app - I keep discovering great new podcasts and episodes I haven't heard of before. I find myself tapping the save button on way too many episodes... my to-listen list is really long!
Daniel MathewsMaker@dmathewwws · Founder @podysseyapp. Developer.
@sarahleeyoga that makes me very happy to hear. Been awesome having you as an early beta user
Fouad Tolaib@fouad_tolaib · I'm a maker of things.
I just recently got into the wondrous world of podcasts but not long ago, I just couldn't find a reason to start listening to them. I've always preferred to engage and learn through visual content so to me it just always sounded a bit primitive, which I now know it isn't. A friend of mine recommended me to listen to a podcast on Apple's Podcasts and I was surprised about how it can really suck you in as a listener and get you focused on the information or story that's presented. Funny enough, I started to look for a platform where it's easier to discover new podcasts across several sources and perhaps even see what other people are listening to. I couldn't really find it so I'm pleasantly surprised to see Echo Podcasts today. I'm definitely going to try it out. A few questions tough: 1. Does it automatically build up a database of podcasts by retrieving podcasts from all the major sources? 2. Do you plan on making it possible for users to record and add podcasts within the app? 3. Will it someday be possible to listen to podcasts from different sources within your app? I really love the concept and will see if I can find some new gems to listen to through your app. It seems to have the potential of growing into a real community of podcast admirers. Good luck with the launch, you have my upvote!
Daniel MathewsMaker@dmathewwws · Founder @podysseyapp. Developer.
@fouad_tolaib Awesome to hear! See below for answers: 1. Does it automatically build up a database of podcasts by retrieving podcasts from all the major sources? When you import your podcast subscriptions, I use iTunes Search to query for any podcast that is currently not currently in the database. 2. Do you plan on making it possible for users to record and add podcasts within the app? I hadn't. I meant it more as a way of connecting to others through podcasts or discovering new podcasts or episodes. 3. Will it someday be possible to listen to podcasts from different sources within your app? Hopefully, I also would love to integrate with podcast players as well. i.e.) If you are in your podcast player, you could echo something right from that app.