Frequent repetitive reminders, with natural language

Hi everyone, Echo is an iPhone app that allows you to setup frequent alerts for repetitive tasks throughout the day/week, using a natural language approach instead of having dozens of confusing controls and time/date pickers on a single screen. We created this out of necessity, because we’re desk monkeys and we really need to remember to stand up and get the blood flowing every hour or so, or eat something, or drink water, or take the dog out because he’s gonna pee in a corner soon… honestly, I usually forget about most things while I’m working, and that’s not OK. I was quite surprised when I searched for a similar tool and I couldn’t really find anything that allowed me to setup notifications at the frequency I needed them. So here you have it, Echo wants to be your nagging companion that reminds you to do the stuff you forget about and then feel sorry you ignored during the day. We really hope you like it, it’s the first time we show it to like-minded people. So feedback would be greatly appreciated if you have a moment. Cheers!
@horea4 I really like this. Can you vibrate someone's phone for the alert? I currently use @lumobodytech and I like how it vibrates to keep me upright. I could use it along with Echo to keep me moving throughout the day!
@lumobodytech @nassaraf We can't make the phone vibrate on notifications. It's an iOS limitation. We can vibrate while the app is in the foreground, but we can't specify that it should vibrate on a notification. Apple is strict like that :) But I see the guys at Lumo have an API, so I'll definitely check that out.
Surprising name, given Amazon's highly popular consumer device...
@chrismessina Indeed, but we are not scared! It's just a really cool name, to be honest, and it makes sense for our app. I didn't even make the connection until half way through development, Amazon Echo is not that well known where I live. I'm pretty sure we're not at any risk to be confused with them, though :)
@horea4 I think the name makes sense for your app — it'll just be hard for your potential users to search for you by name!
@horea4 @chrismessina it's currently #4 in the search results and there is under 800 results for "echo" and this keyword isn't actually highly volatile...that comment is only relevant to a keyword that is really strong like facebook or snapchat. This keyword isn't that overall value. He can be #1 for this in a matter of months.
@horea4 @chrismessina Type in "echo" on any ios device ( I was specifically talking about Us search as Amazon doesn't have marketshare for this keyword outside of America. I've built 50 apps have an algorithm that tells me the approx volatility reading for each keyword with data from the app store. It is only a keyword tech people in California find to be "strongly relevant" outside of this area no one care about "Echo". It's also why Amazons own app isn't #1 here. Literally doesn't get enough searches. I've had our apps rank #1 for keyword results in the tens of thousands with simple seo work, and that was for really strong keywords this isn't even close to being as competitive as those keywords. I doubt any of that will change, given Amazon doesn't care about "echo" as a brand tied to mobile search.
Are these reminders voiced?
@alina_karnaukh Not in this first version, but we're working towards that.
@horea4 Would be great if you added it. I keep missing reminders that pop up, I just close them without thinking. Voiced ones, on the other hand, may catch me off guard - which is a good thing =)
@alina_karnaukh We need to find a way to work around the iOS limitations. But we'll definitely look into it for the next update.
How is this different than similar apps like TimeTune, TinyGain, etc? Plans for Android? On another note, the logo made me think of Airfoil's app logo
@werkwijze Well, the key is the word "frequent". Echo is all about frequent reminders throughout the day. That's its main purpose. It doesn't want to be a calendar app or a planning app. It's meant to remind people of the small frequent things they need to do in a day. Hopefully an Android version will happen at some point, but it depends on the response we get on iOS.