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Good morning all! Ebroji was born out of a few observations and desires related to tech, culture and language. We're on our phones ALL the time. Smartphone users spend 114 minutes on average per day texting. Text lacks tone and texture, nuance and spark and Gifs are magic: they inject such a contagious joy and spontaneity into any thread that the experience of nailing just the right one(s) becomes cathartic. Language is also culture. It can be niche, words and phrases can take off as trends, be celebrated, mocked, spoiled and remixed. Urban and Black American culture is particularly sticky and ever-changing: culturally specific words and phrases transform from an American mainstream laughing stock to corporate currency in a matter of weeks, months even days. Aryn, Glenn and I found the climate erratic, fascinating and frustrating. Why wait for mainstream validation, and it's inevitable exploitation of language before getting creative with it's use? Why text in black in white when we have color? Why wrestle tone and the patchwork of modern communication threads with the same old winking emoji that everyone uses, everywhere? Why crawl when we can run? Ebroji takes and inspires that engagement by kicking open the boundaries of visual communication all together! No more foraging the inter-wilderness for gifs like a lonesome hoarder. Kick back, relax and keep cracking jokes with your homies because Ebroji meets you exactly where you live, in your damn keyboard! From the latest digi-cultural sensations to the deepest (and most random) gifs, Ebroji sorts and supplies them at your fingertips. As your gif concierge, we do all the work and leave you with the good stuff: the fun and the credit.
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Thanks Ben. Yes, we honestly didn't anticipate launching publicly this soon, and are building the tutorial vids and supplemental app store images now. We'd been sharing early Ebroji versions with a diverse test population but the nature of Ebroji is using it and "using it" is communicating with your people which really just becomes this contagious pillow fight of creative, enhanced expression and before we knew it our test group's size exploded: recipients of amazing gifs that perfectly express the moment, coming at you faster than writing a sentence is a helluva recruiting tool. "How the hell did you have that random Karate Kid training Gif at the ready when I texted you about training today?" "Ebroji son." Once we discovered Product Hunt, we were inspired to just dive in and improve as we go.
This looks pretty cool :) (I'm not a huge GIF person) You can upload your GIFs on their site, select which category it falls under (Categories include "Deez Nuts" and "BS - Lies" among many more!) Also Ebroji has: - WORD REFERENCE SYSTEM: A carefully curated categorization system designed to get you the perfect GIF response in an instant! - DOPE GIFS: We dig in the crates to stay laced with the rarest gems and most current GIFs out there! - UPLOAD: Make it your own. You can upload your own favorite GIFs at www.ebrojiapp.com! - TEXT KEYBOARD: Add a quick line of text to the message within Ebroji, without missing a moment! Some feedback: Need more images on the app store for sure A video to show this keyboard in action would be awesome The site for uploading a GIF was a bit glitchy when I tested it out, also make it clearer when a GIF is uploaded that categories can be assigned before clicking Submit.
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback, Ben. We appreciate it, and we're on it!
@ijessewilliams & @aryndlw this looks like a lot of fun! Downloading to test out immediately 😸 Can you tell us a bit more about the back story to Ebroji? What was the inspiration behind creating it? - Also, what's your favourite or most used gif? 😜
@ems_hodge @aryndlw That's the thing Emily, My favorite gif(s) change every day because there are sooooo many and so many new ones created every single day. Unlike words or emojis, Gifs are infinite. And i've gotta say, i the process of exploring the gif landscape on Ebroji and wanting the nail just the right one for the occasion, and doing it fast to have maximum impact on my opponent-- i mean friend who i'm texting/emailing with -- that is a huge part of the thrill! Ebroji is the tool to constantly be able to craft a just the right joke, for the right person in the right moment! My fav categories include BYE-CAN'T EVEN and C'MON SON-REALLY? but damn there are so many great ones. I also love digging deep for that old movie or moment and remixing it for a completely unintended use, i.e. Audrey Hepburn clipped at just the right moment, judging you with a contemporary phrase. Eartha Kitt crying to express your joy and laughter....it goes on.
I love this idea - the clips are really cool and are great for interpersonal "memes."