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EatWith has been around a while and just announced an $8M fundraise from Greylock. The model is similar to Grubwithus, a service I used to use shortly after I moved to SF, now in the deadpool.
@rrhoover EatWith did/does a fair bit of curation/vetting of hosts using city ambassadors so it is not just a dinner but more of an experience in a lot of cases.
I've used many times and many dinners are more of an experience than just a dinner.
As much as I love the idea, I'm sceptical about P2P for services in general: the marginal costs are just too high for a non professional to compete with a professional who has economies of scale. More on this, including a scrappy little framework to evaluate P2P models: http://lasseclausen.tumblr.com/p...
Looks interesting. Reminds me of Housefed. Emile (the founder of Housefed) actually chimed in on this Quora thread about the "AirBnB" of food. http://www.quora.com/Will-Airbnb...
@LennsHu because of the reasons Emile listed, plus being familiar w/ Grubwithus' model, I'm skeptical EatWith will be any different.