The robot restaurant that serves Quinoa

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Hello Product Hunt! I head up product for eatsa - happy to chat about some of the challenges we faced when developing the various customer touch points.
@jason_mueller Hey! I think we (or someone on your team) met at the last SF Product Hunt meetup. I live near your 1st location & am really excited to try this out. How soon are you open? 😎
@jason_mueller Just want to say "well done" on filling both my Instagram and Snapchat streams yesterday with surprise and delight. All my SF-based friends and colleagues were wowed by the tech yesterday. I'll come see you in October when I'm next in town. :)
@mscccc We opened our doors to the public this Monday - 121 Spear St. - 11am-5pm. Looking forward to having you stop by for lunch!
@therealsjr Thanks! The Team spent endless hours designing / constructing the first cubby prototype however, it's proven to be worth it's weight in gold re: social media (and looking forward, for automated placement/delivery).
@therealsjr have you had a chance to swing by?
$6.95 quinoa bowls in downtown SF isn't bad. @jillianiles from Business Insider gave it a thumbs up. This reminds me of the robot-making hamburger tech by Momentum Machines.
@rrhoover minus the robots! It's great in concept: offering healthy, quick food at an affordable price by eliminating the service staff. This creates better margins with a reduction in labor dollars that can be passed to the consumer. The kitchen is still a human operated which hopefully equals some tasty creations. Wish I was still in SF to try out the whole experience, I think this is the beginning of an emerging trend!
Great idea/experience and also seems tasteful! <3 Where are the makers? I want to give them a hug ahahahah
@rodrigoprior we'll take hugs any day of the week :)
Curious to know how far this can go. Can you share with us the biggest challenge that you faced to get this out?
@malihsoufian We think this can go pretty far – we're particularly excited about the recent Mars Colonization efforts. We would love to be first to market. We believe the biggest ongoing challenge is innovating on ways to make the experience even faster/more efficient/more intuitive.