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Get freelancing gigs through FB Messenger

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Sent you all an email, but will say the same thing here - this is amazing. Just shared with everyone at office. Congrats on something awesome!
Love what Ease stands for. Awesome group of entrepreneurs. Congratulations on the launch!
@juannikin thank you and we are excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks about our bot.
🙏 We appreciate your interest in the Ease-e bot, and a big thank you to Seth Louey for Hunting us. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback. We will be available all day to respond and/or answer questions. Here's a summary about what we're launching today: There are so many people out there that must wake up every day and go into their 9 to 5 job. Going through life being forced to live to better their work, rather than working to better their life. With the Ease-e bot we have created an alternative. Giving you an opportunity to establish your field of interest and obtain gigs on autopilot. Our company Ease is a software company with an emphasis on creating business solution tools. Our first product was a Freelance Management System. This cloud-based workforce solution helps businesses manage their independent contractors and freelance workforce all in one place in addition to providing access to the top software developers, designers, copywriters, and digital strategists in the industry. The name stands for: Entrepreneurs Adapting to Serve Each other Our mission is to provide resources that reduce the barrier of entry into entrepreneurship. Giving everyone a better chance through the collaboration of great minds. All working to help the world be more innovative and giving people a chance to live a fulfilled life with ease. We have now created the Ease-e bot to act as a support arm for these efforts. This is just one of many great additions that we have created to offer more value to you and will be providing many more soon. Regards, Nathan D. Harris #lifewithease
Congratulations on the launch! The service you are providing is really valuable to both parties involved in making the connections. This is a game changer Nathan! I highly recommend people check out EASE!
@kevinkowalke We are glad that you like the Ease-e bot. Thank you and we are excited to make an impact on the freelance community. Focusing on putting their needs first so that they can live a life with ease.
Congrats! This is a great way to make the finding talent / finding gigs process easier for both parties. I constantly miss opportunities because I don't check in on different platforms every day but I won't subscribe to email notifications because I don't want my inbox to get flooded. One idea the future: it would be great if you could add a way for me to send my profile as a way to directly apply to the jobs I'm interested in.