Earth View (Google Maps)

Load a gorgeous satellite image in every new Chrome tab

Another example of a "new tab as an interface." @andreasklinger created a Product Hunt Chrome Extension (which he's open sourcing very soon) that displays top hunts in every new tab. We track hundreds of thousands of impressions from extension every month and we haven't really promoted it. I'm looking forward to making it more awesome. :)
@rrhoover @andreasklinger Maybe a new tab collection should be in the pipeline?
@stttories @andreasklinger we've done a collection of Chrome Extensions but I like the way you think!
@rrhoover @andreasklinger Would be awesome to see these images integrated into the Product Hunt Chrome Extension... ;)
Admittedly, I never stick with new tab extensions for too long, but I love mixing it up. I was using Palettab since it was hunted, but it was time for something new. Really enjoying the random beautiful satellite images that pop up every time I open a new tab (~3 minutes, hah). The wanderlust is very strong.
Just updated with new features and many more images