Reserve your favorite username in new startups

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I claimed "viagra" and "seo consultant".. profit?
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@yvoschaap that is some pro talk right there.
I wonder how this is going to work out haha, cool idea though!
has any startup actually signed up to this? what startup(s) are you reserving a username in?
here we are guys! quick intro: made in Italy by me & @frnwtr. Sideproject to unplug , started with concept of fake-activity engine. 5 minutes later it got to what it is now. Already got enquiries from 4 startups to get hooked in. Seeing good number of senior level pros signing up, and an healthy share businesses/people (maybe 20/80). Thanks a lot for upvoting it and if you shared it / signed up, for doing so :)
This is a great idea! I think you can get a lot of new startups on board if you give them some sort of exclusive coverage to create hype around their launch. So in addition to betalist, producthunt, etc. they also submit to earlyclaim.
@iorahul great point! To keep the business model simple and tidy while providing value to our users (both people and startups) we were thinking of some sort of "premium" coverage". But we won't in any way limit the users & startups reach. We want to amplify it without adding burdens or complexity to either side. Thanks for the comment !