Dysprose 2.0

Keep writing or else, all your work fades away. Forever.

For times when your ideas aren't coming together/you need to focus, Dysprose is the app for you.
Start a session where you have to keep typing within a regular interval or risk all your work fading away right in front of you then save your work at the end.
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Very clever!
I really think this app could have some potentially great uses now that, you have complete control over how long your sessions are and, how quickly your work starts to fade away. Will be really interesting to see what people do with it! The app has a free trial but here are some free codes for the first people here!: JMYJ9-F6HYV-TPWDP-K2GC7-MJKJZ PV76W-R42KC-QXQG9-JTMMC-774XZ HR7DK-YP2WD-W3QJ2-RTRGY-H6KRZ D7JCF-XD43P-J3WH4-K7R6C-4XRJZ HKWHX-QRXJX-7H2JT-G7RKF-QKWFZ
Sounds quite intriguing, but I feel like I’d be freaking about what to write and that my work will fade away, so I’d not write anything at all.
Love this idea. Reminds me of an exercise that we did in my high school / college called "focused free-writing" -- the idea was to keep the pen moving, not to over-think exact sentence structure or idea crafting, and to challenge yourself to really flex the boundaries of a topic without stressing perfection. We typically did this exercise as a way to ground our brains before class began, to get ourselves into the flow of writing, and to get out any extraneous ideas that were on our minds. To that end, I might consider positioning Dysprose as a product for exactly that: it's not the place where you craft your final content drafts, it's a place for you to get yourself into the flow, get ideas out there, and get your brain into a place where you can really think about writing a well-crafted piece. To that end, you might want to consider starting with a "prompt" (you could grab random ideas from the web or ask someone to type in a few keywords to give them a topic).