A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

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The UI, the look and feel appear very similar to Workflowy. Any differentiators I'm missing?
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@manasvinik Maker here, TL;DR: it's not that different right now, but we are going to make it better than Workflowy. Right now the differences are (1) you can create folders and documents, (2) there's a file finder (Ctrl+O), (3) LaTeX support coming really soon. See my comment below for more details.
@shida_li Thanks for the clarification. If you're looking for feedback, one thing I'd suggest is to change the UI to not look so visually similar to them. I was confused for a moment there! :)
@manasvinik We did try to be different, but bullet point lists all look so similar... (also try dark theme in preferences)
@shida_li @manasvinik Sorry folks, don't want to be rude, but for now it's a less functionable Workflowy twin.
@vladzima @manasvinik Well, given we've only had less than 3 months of development time, there's still a long way to go. We do have a long list of features that are in the works and waiting in line, but I'm curious what makes you say it's a "less functionable twin". P.S. Feel free to call us out on being a Workflowy clone because that's what we started out as. People eventually build better things based off existing ideas, and we strive to make a difference.
Hey guys, maker here. As long time Workflowy users, we felt like it's developing relatively slowly, and we had a lot of new ideas we want to experiment in terms of features, addressing many use cases not addressed by Workflowy. Also we found the free user limitation restrictive (250-500 item), while the pro option expensive (as a comparison, Evernote's most expensive tier is the same price of $50/year). We won't be as restricting, and there will not be numbers limiting your work. Coming soon: LaTeX support Currently we're focusing on building a solid foundation to be able to add features quickly. Some other things we have in mind: - Real time collaboration: websockets, show where other users are editing, commenting - Content enrichment: text formatting, images, urls, etc - Tagging and navigation: tags, dates, map location, etc - Note taking enhancements: screen docking, web clipping, text expansion/macros - Other views: Trello-like 2d view, column view like Mac finder
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Really simple tool to help you organize thoughts.. Nice UI. Enables you to breakdown complex ideas into simpler concepts. If you like making bullet point lists, you'll love this product.
It reminds me a lot of OmniOutliner which I love. Clean and clear UX, very nice. We need more outliners in this world.
I wish I would've found something like this a few years ago - this is exactly how I was taking notes in school, except in a notebook.
@_ryangilbert You can still take meeting notes with it now! Almost all the meeting notes I've seen are in this format as well.