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#1 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2019
Dwellito is an end-to-end service that helps homeowners buy a prefab home for their backyard - to use as a rental, suite, or a studio.
🏠 Over 40 prefabs
📐 Architect-grade design w/o architect fees
🔐 Fixed price and budget
📦 Buy Pre-Assembled or DIY
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Hey PH, and thanks for the hunt @bentossell 🎉 Dwellito 2.0 is a fully redesigned marketplace that includes over 40 prefabs and an overhaul of the shop experience. We've had great feedback from our MVP and made some major improvements: - Added over 40 new prefabs - Targeted North American Manufacturers - Clearer prices, process, and service offerings for each home - Added DIY for people to buy just parts and/or blueprints - Added financing: Interest-free cash for homeowners Working on: - Permitting by city: outline process and steps to getting a prefab on your property - GC list: Vetted list of modular home General Contractors in your city - Estimated Income Calculator: Determine how much income you could generate as a rental We’re making improvements every day so feedback is super valuable (especially if you already bought a prefab or are considering buying one).
@calebarclay Congrats on the launch! From 1.0 to 2.0 what are some of the most interesting learnings you had about the modular home market? I love the interest-free rental concept. How does that work exactly?
Thanks Moe! Some interesting findings from 1.0: - GC shortage: Biggest challenge for projects is finding a general contractor - Online Home Buying: People don't buy in their browsers yet. It's a big purchase that needs more conversation. We've found that we need to offer an end-to-end concierge type service. - Prefab allowance: Cities & communities move slow here. Manufacturers face barriers in every municipality when building fully factory-built homes. There are some solutions but still lots of progress to make. On the interest-free loan concept, it’s called co-investing. It’s a pretty neat alternative. How it works is homeowners can leverage the value from their primary home to pay for the backyard home. If your home is worth $500k, you can pull out $87.5k (up to 17.5%). Similar to an investor, the lender shares in the gains AND loses of only the ADU addition. Here’s more on the topic: https://www.dwellito.com/financing
@calebarclay Hi Caleb— what does GC stand for?
@stevebenjamins Sorry about that - it's short for General Contractor.
@calebarclay Upvoted! Dwellito looks perfect! How about an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? Send me a message to paul_AT_startupradius.com if interested.
Kind of crazy that prefab home kits are making a comeback (Sears sold thousands of these in the early 1900s). Would you buy a tiny house on the internet?
Yes, so I could rent it out.
Yes, so I could work in it.
Yes, for more space.
I'd make one myself without the kit.
Definitely not.
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As an aspiring minimalist, this concept has peeked my interest since I first came across it. Can you talk more about the logistics? I understand what modular building is, but how do utilities function, for example? Let's say I bought the land and ordered my house. What do I need to set up electricity, plumbing, etc.? Also, what sorts of weather can it withstand? So when it's -100 mid-winter in Chicago, will I die?
@hiramfromthechi Some companies will do everything for you: permits, site-prep, utility hookup, delivery, completed home. This is called a "Turn-Key" service. But most of the prefab companies will have you doing the site-work, trenching, utility hook ups, and sometimes foundation. We're working hard at getting a more formalized "what's included" on the site. Regarding windy city, modular homes are *often* built stronger than stick frame homes. This is because of several factors: built indoors, quality materials, steel framing. The foundation might need to be bigger for extreme winds. When you start your project, you'll get a site analysis to determine those factors.
@hiramfromthechi @will @mercy_ihecci That gave me a good chuckle...
@calebarclay Great, thanks for elaborating. I'm familiar with turnkey properties as well, but my mind got to thinking about the supply chain/logistics side of "Ok, bought the house. Now what?" A "What's included" section would be very helpful so we can see what aspects of the real estate development lifecycle we would need to pay attention to.
@mercy_ihecci @calebarclay It's important to ask, just to be prepared 🤷‍♂️ hahah
🚨Build without code🚨 This is one of those awesome products that really makes you think about what's possible without code. @calebarclay built this and shared his story on Makerpad on how he did it: https://www.makerpad.co/stories/... It also helps that I used to have a shipping container for an office so I love the modular homes/studios.
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