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What are the main usecases?
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@luca I would say so far most dvels fall into these 3 categories: what to wear ? : http://www.letsdvel.com/dvels/7e... what to eat ? : http://www.letsdvel.com/dvels/6a... what to buy ? : http://www.letsdvel.com/dvels/58... It's impossible to anticipate which additional formats/usecases we will see. Even just looking at the 5k dvels so far it looks like there will be countless and very diverse usecases. I also see a strong usecase in logo or other visual a/b testing in real-time. One thing I find fascinating is seeing users prompt others for cheering for them for making the right decision (not smoking, getting up, studying, going for a run) Can't wait to see what dvels you come up with.
Since community will be a crucial part of this app, I'm wondering what is your distribution strategy? How will you find users?
@3x14159265 We're planning some Guerilla Marketing efforts. One example is stickers placed in changing rooms of clothing stores (#whattobuy? ). Another one will be stickers in gym locker rooms prompting go back for another circle or go home. (#whattodo ?) In addition to that we're focusing on unconventional (can't say yet) formats on upcoming Social Platforms including @appmeerkat, @bemeapp, @YikYakApp etc. I'll write about it on Medium (https://medium.com/@peterbuch ) as soon as the campaigns go live.
How will you further improve the quality of dvels shown to a user? Have you thought about limiting it to his/her interests or even a group of people? E.g. I need fashion advice, but I only want feedback from people that have an expertise in this sector.
Quite an interesting idea. In addition it might be interesting to allow people to add why they would go for a certain choice. Ever thought about doing that @peterpuch ?
@valscholz brilliant idea, thanks for the input, will discuss this internally. I'm pretty sure we'll add asking for experts advise to our product roadmap.
hey @valscholz, we developed an algorithm that orders dvels based on your voting behavior and some other parameters. We refine this algorithm constantly and so you should always get the best fitting content.
Great App makes decisions easy by outsourcing them 👍🏻
Did you already monitor an average response time for most dvels?
@mahringer_a good point, currently 5 votes within the first 30 seconds. To have a magical experience we're aiming for 5 qualified (friends) votes within 5 seconds.