Split the bill right from the transaction using Venmo

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eelco@eelcojellema · building www.startupcosts.co
Awesome name! 🇳🇱
Taylor Crane
Taylor Crane@taykcrane · Product @ Hello Alfred
So it just splits the bill evenly? I assume there's no way to know who purchased what. How is this different from entering their names in venmo and hitting TOTAL / X?
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Dutch does the math and sends the request. You start by syncing a card. After that, you just need to tap which transaction you need to split and the emails/phones of the people you're splitting with. Dutch takes care of the math and sending requests. Will really like this when you can select multiple transactions - will make the messy math of a weekend trip with the buddies a piece of cake afterwards.
Jack Hage
Jack Hage@jackpointnl · Sofware Developer
+1 for the name :D