Get your MVP built for $20/hour.

Get your MVP built for $20/hour. We'll help you figure out the most basic version of your idea for FREE too, so you can ship faster and cheaper.

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This is obviously similar to what I'm looking to do with www.daydot.co so I applaud the effort. Wonder why you chose a map as the main interface? Is the building of MVPs really limited by the geo-location of the builders? What is your process for onboarding people who build and people who want things built? (I know we exchanged emails because of a slight issue last week) So just intrigued to see what you have seen work for you. I'm all for the no-code MVP movement and want to see it thrive. Obviously trying my own angle but it's awesome to see others tackling this space in different ways!
@bentossell When we start seeing a high density of pins, we'll start to see online interactions turn into offline ones, and then the whole idea of matching non-technical founders with technical ones becomes much more interesting.
@bentossell @saad_sahawneh I can understand why that's interesting to you as a platform builder, but unsure why that's the primary interface for a user?
@bentossell @samrye_enspiral Check back on Thursday, we've got some new products we're working on!
Great idea, would love a platform like this to take off! here is some feedback from a potential user: -why a map? right now any person that checks the site from outside the US , the first things that they see on your app is an empty map with the name of their city, also even if I search for countries, why is important if the person is in colorado or in India? (would love your take on that) - more details: I would prefer it to be profile or leaderboard based somehow, to be able to see more details of what MVP's people need. Right now I see that X from Colorado wants an MVP for $500 but it doesn't give me energy to contact them, they might be one of those people that expect "create the next google for me for $500". We need to know more about client/project (not necessarily their location) in order for me to feel productive to send messages..if they need a really small mvp (landing pages, things that can get done in 3-5 days, etc) ...than this would be awesome to know there is an opportunity to make 500-1000 in 5 days whenever you need money
@surfcoderepeat Great ideas. We'll be releasing improvements very soon.
I don't see anything on the link.
@jameslawrence Sorry about that. Which link do you mean?
Hey @saad_sahawneh, Can you tell us more about what you've built and why?
@jacqvon We connect non-technical founders who want to build MVPs, with awesome developers who can build them for a few hundred dollars, in a few days. We built Dust because we could never find great developers who could build quickly and affordably.
@saad_sahawneh As a software developer I would like to know why a few hundred dollars and what decent MVP can you build as a sole developer in a few days. I will not take into consideration if your MVP requires any back-end APIs or other things. I want to say that you can already find "affordably" and fast developers on a lot of freelance websites. What about an website with only validated developers and fair rates.
@ivandrag We built the Dust MVP you see now for $500 in less than a week. We believe two things: 1. Software that is enough to test out your idea can be built in a few days. 2. Software that can be built in a few days shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars. We're approving everyone who wants to join Dust. When you create your profile, there's an option that lets you choose your price to build an MVP as "More than $600."
@saad_sahawneh I somehow agree and disagree with you, but that`s a long discussion. Anyway, good luck with it!
@ivandrag Sometimes we agree and disagree with ourselves too.
That's kind of illusion, you have $500 and can pay someone to order a MVP.
@dainiskanopa That illusion can quickly turn to reality.
@saad_sahawneh Do you have any real examples regarding MVPs built by other developers, that become successful later?
Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb, Apple, Snapchat, Twitter...