Personal AI computer for your home. Like JARVIS. 🗣.

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Hi Product Hunt! Great to be here. First things first - Duo is NOT a smart mirror! Rather, it’s a computer with a reflective display. We decided it's the best form factor to blend such a big computer into a home, becoming noticeable only when you need it (who wants to have a massive black screen hanging on their wall?) Duo is voice-activated and fully touch enabled. It has a huge 27" full 1080p display with 5-point multi-touch across the whole screen. You can control any app with your voice by talking to Albert, our AI assistant that lives inside Duo. You can personalize Albert from its name, gender, accent, and even sarcasm level. Duo runs HomeOS, our own operating system, and will ship with a handful of really useful native apps like Music, Weather, and Gallery. If you’re a developer, you can apply for a Development Kit here (https://duo.computer/devkit/) to receive a pre-production unit in July!
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@jack7kim Looks pretty interesting -- thanks for sharing! - anything special about the mirror surface? My family would have to hire a full-time Duo caretaker to keep the surface of a touchscreen mirror clean. - What home automation integration (smartthings, homekit, ?) is/will be available w/ HomeOS?
@jack7kim why do none of your claimed investors list you on crunchbase? At first I thought this may have been a scam, but I know producthunt does their homework so this has to be legit. Love the product concept! Never cared for Alexa, Home or Siri. This is a game changer.
@epic__miller Hey Eric, we're going through betaworks' voicecamp program, which co-invests with Lightspeed, Launch Capital, etc. It's a small enough of an investment, so I could see them not listing in on their crunchbase. We'll actually clear this up on our About page.
@jack7kim @epic__miller I can confirm exactly what Jack outlines here. I'd also add that funding announcements (and crunchbase profiles) usually take place a few weeks or even months after the financing has been completed.
@jack7kim "even sarcasm level". You guys understand the future...and me.
I'm keen to grab a Dev kit for this but it does seem too good to be true - lots of tech packed in there for not a lot of money, lots of software too! Seems like a large shipment for a new company. Nonetheless, if everything is as it seems, I hope to have several of these in my home!
@nilefrater Same boat - a little hesitant. The demo video is gorgeous and very well done, almost too well done 😬
@nilefrater Hey Nile, we're offering an especially low price to try to get Duo into as many homes as possible first. While hardware is super important, we're almost putting more emphasis on our software and homeOS platform (which can run on other devices).
@jack7kim I think this is a smart idea actually. Once friends see this in action in your living room they will want to know what it is, and I hope... where to buy one. Seeing it in use should sell itself. I love how it's rapport seems very natural.
Awesome to see it close to production! First thing I plan to do with one is to build in my IoT curtains and coffee machine heh
@daniel_sykes_turner Can't wait to see the exciting things people will do with Duo, thanks Daniel!
Pretty cool concept of using a mirror as a central home computer. Could see a lot of potential with different apps being made for it.
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack, we're really looking forward to pushing the possibilities and boundaries of Duo!
Cool concept! How can you extend the Duo experience to the whole house without adding more displays around the house?
@kunalslab Yes, HomeOS is built to run on any device with a screen, microphone, and speakers, so you can easily extend it across different devices throughout the house. We're also adding native Alexa integration into Duo, so you can easily plug it into your already existing ecosystem.
@jack7kim ahh. I see that in your FAQ now. Perhaps surfacing this information on the landing page might help convince devs to join you to build for the platform?
@kunalslab Do you mean surfacing the Alexa integration or flexibility of HomeOS?
@jack7kim I suppose both. HomeOS is quite far down the page and your explanation here was better. Alexa and other upcoming integrations could get a brief plug.
@kunalslab Got it, I agree. Thanks for the feedback, we'll try to implement it into the site + marketing. 🙏