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Hi everyone, My name is Sam and I am the founder of Dunnnk. The vision behind Dunnnk is to save designers and developers time and effort, by allowing them to generate beautiful mockups in seconds. Because of the cool technologies we use, we are able to do awesome things like add environment maps and fake depth of fields on the fly. The best part, is perhaps the fact that all mockups are rendered at 2k high resolution and available for download for $0. We really hope you enjoy using our humble product. I'm going to be checking this page obsessively. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try to answer them the best I can. Happy hunting :-)
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@samatrouh this is great Sam - photos look great and already thinking of so many applications for this that will save a ton of time and money. Great job!
@bobgreenlees That great to hear dude. I would love to see how everyone ends up using Dunnnk, so tag us on social or something (@dunnnkit) and we'll give you a digital high five :-)
@samatrouh Hey Sam, love the idea! I'll make sure to use this on my next project or app launch. Are you planning on offering a premium service of some sort down the line? EDIT: I read through some more comments here and see that you're planning on keeping it free, which is awesome. Let me rephrase my question: Are you planning on offering a freemium model down the line?
@jasonbeee I'm a big believer in providing an amazing service/product and leaving it up to the community to support in any way they can. No real freemium plans for Dunnnk, but we'll be uploading 5k PSD mockups to CreativeMarket and price them at $2 each. Anyone who wants to support can buy the mockups from CM but they don't need to. You can use Dunnnk for commercial or personal projects free of charge. We don't mind at all. We genuinely just want to make a positive contribution to our community. High five? :-)
I tested this out with a couple of screen caps from Fittr and it looked fantastic--I wish I'd had this before I did a PowerPoint presentation last month!
A free version of place.it ... Thank you soo much.!!!
@obenyoung spot on dude. Now.... give us your credit card details so we can run and buy nice things ;-) We just wanted to build something cool and useful to contribute to our community. I'm glad you're digging it man. Let me know how you go using the product.
Personally I hope these guys crush place.it .....their solution is decent but the pricing is absolutely ridiculous. Devs Should be helping other Devs out not gouging them on their pricing!
@johnhaden Thank you. You're awesome. We're hoping to build out more cool features and mockups as soon as we can. This is a humble beginning, but we have big dreams for our community.
This is awesome - I literally don't want to upvote/share because I don't want the secret to get out! @samatrouh, what are your plans on keeping new photos in the mix? So that they don't get stale and overused. You know how us designers get :)
@michaeldick hahahahaha. Your awesome comment renews my faith in the product :-) We'll be adding one photo/mockup a day for the most part. This is a very demanding part of Dunnnk, but we can do anything in the name of love.
@michaeldick @samatrouh I'd also suggest letting people submit photos for use as well. Spread the work around. Liked it very much and it was a breeze to use.
@michaeldick @golocalapps Sounds like an amazing idea. I love the idea of a community driven platform. Glad to hear hours of banging my head against the wall has paid off. Keep rocking!!
@samatrouh @michaeldick Exactly how I was just feeling... I want this to be *my little secret*... but I also want these guys to grow like crazy, get a boatload of funding and keep this free forever! Dilemma