Simplifying payment collections with artificial intelligence

Tired of late payments? Dunnly is a revolutionary cloud-based receivable management and bill collection platform that simplifies collections with artificial intelligence, centralizes data and helps you get paid faster in the most affordable way.
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Hey PH,ers,Realizing that late and lacking payments are one of the greatest threats to startups and minor companies,we decided to look into the matter and ended up finding a solution for solving the problem at hand; small companies and startups do not have the resources to collect the money from customers who are not capable and/or willing to pay them, so we have made an easy, user friendly, and efficient payment collection platform. Dig in and let us know of your thoughts? Facing an issue with payments yourself? Here,s a discount code with 50% off just for fellow PH'ers. Use PHBETA50 and Let,s see that forgotten moolah ..$πŸš€πŸ’₯

I have posted a collection request for 5k+ $$ that's been outstanding for over a year. The signs are encouraging..let's see how this goes...🀞


Simple and easy to understand user interface. Reasonable fees. Customer service is outstanding.


No free trial available.