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#3 Product of the DayAugust 01, 2016
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Hello ProductHunt! We are thrilled to be on the productHunt network. Dummi.io is the smart way of generating fake data for your projects, be it for development or design. You can quickly customize what sort of data you want, or select one of the available presets, and we will hand it to you in an instance, to copy or download. Currently we support JSON and CSV files and are working on adding more file-types as we go! Additionally, we are continuously adding more and more values you can choose from to add to your DummiData. In the future we will also have the ability to give you a link to your DummiData, let you save custom presets, save your DummiData to an account, share your DummiData with others and more. Thanks for your support! Marc
@seven11nash Do all that through url based so you don't have to manage accounts and its easily shareable, and then just save my presets locally, then maybe if people really ask for it, link it to a google account, or github since most people using this most likely have a github account
Excited for the url feature. Will be really useful ๐Ÿ˜€
@mscccc We're very excited too! Designers and developers will be able to have plug-and-play dummi data for their mockups, prototypes, and testing.
Awesome service. Definitely one I'll be using on my current project. Nice one.
@ichillidesign Thanks! We hope to bring you more and more features so you can get your projects done even quicker! If you have anything you would like to see on Dummi, let us know.
@seven11nash @ichillidesign Did anyone ask for years, dates, months, days, e-commerce and business categories, cities, countries, languages, timezones...is that more options and not data?
@seven11nash @ichillidesign Data ideas....Company/Customer names, blog posts, tasks, file names (w types and edit dates), products for e-commerce
@sorcadesign @ichillidesign Hey there, thanks so much for all the ideas, we will add them as soon as possible, I have added these at the top of the ToDo's for value types and value pools to add. Follow @DummiApp on Twitter and we will post when we add new stuff. Thanks for your interest, hope you enjoy Dummi.
Nice! Always great to find a good source of sample data. I presume you are just giving the data set free for testing -- but is there any license associated with it for reuse/publishing (say, showing in a demo video, etc.)? Also, it looks like those movie listings are from the glory days of the Roman Empire? ;)
@wanderslth There is no sort of licensing in using the data, you are free to use it anywhere! Of course it would be amazing if in some form you would recommend Dummi to the people viewing your source of media, but its not like you have to. Also, yes at the moment its only those nice ancient movies we all love, but soon it may switch to them being pulled from IMBd :) Thanks so much for your interest!
@wanderslth As for now, there isn't licensed material included. However, there may be soon. We'll have details for use as well as options to filter it out in the near future.
@aaron_benjamin Sounds good. We've dabbled our toes in providing data sets and it gets a little tricky since creative commons doesn't cover data; ODbl seems to be the go to for open data these days. The stuff you're currently generating obviously isn't super proprietary, but it still would fall under your copyright. It may be worth throwing out a note on the site just to clarify how freely people can use/re-use/modify what you're generating for them.
@wanderslth Thanks for the tip Ken! We have some notes in the works to let people know our use policy and warn them when they might be using protected data/media. In the long run, our hope is to have our own database of "pretend" content ranging from fake movie posters designed and donated by users (CC licensed) to fictional sports teams. Everything will eventually be free for any use.