Duet + Touch Bar

Instantly add a touch bar to your iPad



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Rahul Dewan — Engineer
Hey PH,

After quickly climbing to our most popular feature request, duet now lets you add a touch bar to your iPad display so you can get app shortcuts at your fingertips.

We hope Duet can introduce touch bar to even more people and encourage more Mac developers to add support for touch bar in their apps.

Because the touch bar naturally sits above the keyboard on the Mac, we also added support for bluetooth and smart keyboards as well.

I'm excited to hear your feedback, let me know what you think. If you want to try it out, make sure to download the latest versions of duet and update to 10.12.2 or later:

James Futhey — UX Designer
@rahulda1 Really great, thanks for adding! Will definitely use this to try out the touch bar feature before dropping $2.8k on a new Macbook. Thanks!
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@futhey Thanks for the tip a few weeks back. Definitely helped push us in favor of the feature and it is getting a lot more love than I thought
James Futhey — UX Designer
@rahulda1 Thanks!
Scott Wyden Kivowitz — Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
It was only a matter of time. Good work, Duet!
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@scottwyden thanks Scott!
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