Duet Pro 2.0

Pro desktop drawing on your iPad

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With Duet Pro, we were able to let people get the drawing experience of an iPad with the hardware power of a desktop. We're excited to add a lot of new features, including - Customized Pressure Curve - You can now change the way macOS or Windows receives the data, allowing for a personalized drawing experience. Advanced Gestures - We have added a lot of gestures to both standard & pro users. This should make using your iPad as a second display or drawing tablet much more intuitive. Line Lead - To provide a faster drawing experience, we have spent some time making a line preview to predict where the Pencil is before macOS or Windows knows where it is. We plan to continue improving this to create an instant drawing experience. Touch Bar - We implemented touch bar support last Christmas for all of our users. However, Pro users have benefitted the most as they are using their iPad more than their desktop, making interaction much faster. We have improved the stability & speed of it, and many more apps support touch bar now. Improved Color Quality - We have improved rendering quality and speed for Pro users under the Pixel Perfect setting, delivering a higher quality display in less time. We plan to continue improving performance as much as we can. Would love to hear what digital artists think about the product and ideas for new features, improvements, etc. Thanks!
@rahulda1 Free upgrade? or new app?
@shawnkirsch We are providing some new features for the main app (touch bar, some of the gestures, speed improvements), but our pro features are a paid upgrade aimed at the digital artist market (pressure curves, extra gestures, faster drawing rendering, etc.)
@rahulda1 So I paid 20 bux for duet? and now I need to upgrade again? Any discount for previous duet users? Do I now have 2 different apps on both iOS and Mac?
@shawnkirsch There is only one app, but it is an in app purchase. Unfortunately the App Store does not give a way to provide discounts to some users on the App Store. However, Pro is a set of completely new features for a small market. If you bought duet, you still get to use the same ones you had before (plus some of the ones we added today), but this will help us support future development for this niche.
Duet is one of my daily apps that I use to allow me to use my iPad Pro as an external monitor while I'm traveling for work. Very excited to check this out!
@unclejessy4real Thanks! Anything you'd like us to add?
@rahulda1 A beer ;) Just updated my app and about to test it out. Easily one of my most used apps and a must have for any ipad pro owner out there
Was literally trying to do this the other day, and so frustrated. Take my money.

I used their normal duet display app and i like it but comes to Subscription based display app was bad idea. buying app one time better than this because if i want very professional drawing tablet i go and buy wacom


I like Duet not Duet Pro


Subscription based display app was bad idea

Have been using Duet Pro for nearly a year, I am happy with what this app brings to me. When I code, it can be my secondary screen. When I draw arts, it becomes a very powerful tablet. Although you have to pay extra for Pro subscription. But I don't think $30 bucks per year is too much. Especially when it makes your work easier.


Pro version is perfect for digital artist.

Tech support is friendly

A way cheaper yet same effective solution to Wacom Cintiq products.


Sometimes it causes conflicts to when upgrade to newer graphic card drivers. But as long as you report to the team, they will fix it asap.